Working Hard To Minimise My Shortcomings, Says Mahmudullah

Bangladesh all-rounder Mahmudullah has gradually made a score in one-day cricket and remains one of the keys of the middle order in the team. As his games have been improved gradually, his has set to the top for his full of hard work and strength of mind.

In an interview with cricbuzz, the 31-year-old all-rounder Mahmudullah said that he was very happy with his success and looking to improve his game in the upcoming years. “I think this is the best time in my career to give my best shot after playing for so many years of international cricket. I’ve gained a lot of experience during these years and now it’s the right time to pay back.”

“I feel with the experience you also have learned how to take responsibility. It is true that I cannot judge it but what I feel is that I should have done better. I think there was a lot of scope for improvement. I am working hard to minimise my shortcomings because I feel the best cricket of my career is yet to come,” added Mahmudullah.


Talking about his changes that brought on his game, Mahmudullah said “I think my mental approach changed and there are two reasons behind it. Firstly physically I am much more fit and that helps while now I try to play aggressive cricket with a positive frame of mind. This combination is probably helping me to play well in the recent past.”

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“I am working regularly on my fitness along with trying to develop my skill as well. Every day you go out you learn something new. You have to get better every day because if you don’t improve it won’t take long for others to take your position. I have seen this in my career too.”


Mahmudullah concluded commenting about his role in the shortest format, he said “I know it quite well because it is well defined by our head coach Hathurusinghe. He told me to bat at seven and act like a finisher and I am working hard to prove my credentials in the shorter format.”

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“I know it is a quite challenging because I like to take my time in the middle but in this case have to charge from the first ball considering my batting position. This transformation gives me an extra high.”

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