Virat Kohli Open To Transition Talk With Sri Lanka After Series

Indian captain Virat Kohli is open to discuss Sri Lanka’s transitional matter with their coach Nic Pothas but he will do only after ongoing limited-overs series.

When asked about Pothas, captain Kohli said at the pre-match press conference on Wednesday. “We haven’t had any discussions yet. Those things may happen after the competitive zone is over and done with the series. I think that will happen after September 6 if it has happened from their end.”

Talking about how India managed the transition phase, Kohli said “…But look it is difficult for any team going through a transition. One thing that we decided to do as a team was take more responsibility and ownership of what we do on the field when playing for the country. We just needed to change our mindset.”

Virat Kohli

According to the skipper, mental preparation was the key to standing upto challenges. “It didn’t matter if we were playing against a side that has played 60 Tests each – if we are mentally more prepared than them then we are in a better position to win. So we decided to put our heads in that zone where experience didn’t matter much for us.”

He added, “It was the fight and competitiveness we were willing to show and the desire to fight for longer periods that helped us get through that phase quicker than what others might have faced.”

The 28-years-old India’s skipper said that tremendous reactions from fans are beyond the player’s control. “I’m not someone who will sit here after not performing and request the fans to be patient with us or (tell them) ‘please don’t react in a bad way’. That’s a very personal choice.”

Virat Kohli

“If I, as a fan, am watching a game and I see a team not being able to do well I would feel compassion. I would not burn effigies or smash faces, put on mannequins and what not. I would show compassion because you can understand at a human level that everyone’s trying hard out there and no one wants to go out there to lose or fail.”

Kohli added “I think people find the ease and convenience, and the pleasure in pulling other people down which I personally don’t believe in. I’m sure it’s tough for the players to see such things. But you can’t really control what’s happening from another person, you can only control what you can do on the park and the mindset that you can be in.”

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