Virat Kohli Needs To Know How The Coaches Operate

The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) has announced that the finalist candidate for a head coach will be late as they needed more time and wanted to discuss with skipper Virat Kohli before the decision is taken.

Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly said “Whatever, I say, I take Laxman and Sachin into confidence. It’s a decision we all three have taken. We have interviewed all the candidates except Phil Simmons who has not been available for the interview and we have decided that we will hold on for the time being for the announcement of the coach.”

“We need a few more days and talk to a few more people especially the captain and then make an announcement because we feel that there is no hurry at the moment.”

Talking about team India that played West Indies series without the coach, Ganguly said “For the Sri Lanka tour coming up in a week’s time, board headed by Amitabh (Choudhary), Rahul (Johri), Vinod ji (Rai), Anirudh (Choudhary), the board will probably continue with the same set for the time being.”

Sourav Ganguly

The CAC wanted to have some discussion with captain Kohli before announcing the new coach. “We want to speak to Virat Kohli, once he is back from America, all three of us, the respective people concerned, we will explain to him that the coaches want to function in a certain way and make sure everybody is on the same page once we make the announcement.”

“Once, we make the announcement, it has to be till the World Cup and to be honest what we have heard from the coaches today is nothing different from what we heard last year and the way things have gone. We have been happy after hearing to what and how they want to go about the job. So for that point, we will have everybody on the same page and take the call in the course of time.”

The member of CAC VVS Laxman said that the candidates interviewed were Virender Sehwag, Lalchand Rajput, Richard Pybus, Ravi Shastri and Tom Moody.

Ganguly said that the Indian cricket board and CAC are in no hurry picking for the new coach of the Indian men’s cricket head coach. “We are in no hurry and we are not just looking at the Sri Lanka tour because it is a long tour. The thing that is important for us that everybody is in synchronisation of the way forward because we don’t want to see six-months down the line doing something different.”

Sourav Ganguly

“I thought the presentations were outstanding, exactly what coaches want to do in the system because we have played the game. We have been under different coaches. They all have different methods but the crux of the matter doesn’t change. That’s why we think Virat Kohli whom we respect so much is an important part of the cog.”

“I was captain, Laxman was one of the best players in the world so we understand where it goes. We will take a call which is the best way forward for the team and the boys. They are going to play and they are going to give results to the country and that’s what most important for us.”

Asked about the conclusion of the process, Ganguly said “Process is concluded and as I said we need to speak to people who will matter because as out job finishes, their job starts and that is more important. That’s the way we look at it and that’s the way we would be addressing. It’s all done and the key of the moment is how we are going to go forward.”

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