Top 5 Most Stylish and Modern Day Cricketers of 2016

These days’ most of the cricketers are becoming popular by their own unique looks and known as modern stylish cricketers of 2016. Before the cricket was called the gentleman’s game, but it seems like all cricket players are serious on their looks. The modern day cricket players are making attractive styles and looks.Most of the cricket players do the unique looks by their popularity on the game’s performance.But, some players do styles for other purposes. In this Article, I’ll give you top most 5 stylish and modern day cricketers of 2016.

If you are a big fan of stylish cricket players, then you’ve entered on the right page. Because you’ll get most popular and handsome cricket players who always have the unique and smart looks all the time. So, here are the top 5 most stylish and modern day cricketers of 2016.

Top 5 Most Stylish and Modern Day Cricketers of 2016

  1. Virat Kohli:virat kohli

The Indian finest and all-rounder cricketer Virat Kohli have smart and great looks all the time. No doubt, he is the most popular player in India and has millions of fans so far. He maintained to keep his beard in a perfect and unique shaped. When he was 20 years old batsman, he looked like just an ordinary player in simple. But at present, he looks much better than before as well as his face with chiselled jawline makes him manly. Virat Kohli maintains his fitness strictly, he never misses his all training sessions and gym too. His six pack abs along with ripped body prove make his fan insane, especially girls fan.

  1. Shane Watson:watson

He is another all-rounder Aussie player who always remain as stylish and modern day cricketer. He retired from Test Match and ODI matches, but he keeps on to play in the T20 series game. This Australia player also maintains his fitness regularly, just like Virat Kohli. He’s much aware of his diet and his big muscle shoulders, abs, arms make him pretty awesome looks. Another, the coolest thing about Watson is, his blonde hair style. Nobody can deny him as stylish player of 2016.

  1. Alastair Cook:cook

Alastair cook is the captain of the English cricket team and guides his team in many Test and ODI matches with great successes. He is left handed batsman and plays Essex county cricket. He has the unique and smart look in the cricket field and got a stylish figure as well as a fashion icon. There are lots of fans that loves him a lot for his cuteness structure face.

  1. Brandon McCollum:brandon

The New Zeeland or Kiwi captain Brandon McCollum is the another biggest cricket player who is still remaining in the list of top stylish and modern players. He has a stylish and unique tattoo on his arm, no doubt he has also smart and gentle look for fashion shoots and brand embassy. He always maintains his diet strictly and does hard work to keep his figure healthy.

  1. Kevin Pieterson:Pieterson

The South African – born cricketer Kevin Pieterson is the most popular stylish player. He plays for the team England and he’s right handed batsman as well as off spin bowler. He currently playing for Delhi Daredevils in IPL. In the last year, he became one of the most fashionable people as a cricket player and called fashion “guru”. He is listed in the top 5 most stylish and modern day cricketers of 2016, because of his charming personality and manly looks.

However, these are the top 5 most stylish and modern day cricketers of 2016. No doubt, they are keeping their figure healthy and they spend most of the time in the training session as well as gym too. But, every single cricket player from all over the country has their own style or icon, though. Please let me know your opinion by commenting on the box below.



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