Shami’s Wife Comes With New Allegation

Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan comes with new allegation on Friday and made some serious allegation against him. She told to the media that Shami has been torturing her physically and mentally since last few years after marriage and alleged that he is involved in many extra-marital affairs.Last Wednesday she filed a complaint of attempt to murder in Kolkata police station against Mohammed Shami. Mohammed  Shami was married to Hasin Jahan since 2014.

Shami landed in more trouble after Hasin Jahan shares phone call recordings between Shami and her. She also came with all photocopy of shame,s WhatsApp chats with a Pakistani girl name Alishba to the media. She alleged to the media about Mohammed Shami extra-marital affairs with Alishba and having a physical relationship her.

shami and his wife

She also brief to the media reporters that everyone in Shami’s family used to torture her. Shami’s mother and brother used to abused her and tortured her till 2-3 am in the morning. She also told that Shami tried to kill her with sleeping pills. Jahan told that Mohammed was planning to divorce her after returning from the South Africa tour. And she has all evidence against him and will drag him to court soon.

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Earlier Shami’s wife exposed the Indian bowler Shami by posting several screenshots of messenger and WhatsApp messages on the Facebook wall. But on the same day, Hasin’s Facebook account was found deactivated.

However, Shami while talking to the media refused all allegation. And told to the media that someone is misleading his wife against him and using her to destroy his cricketing carrier. He also brief to the media that he and his family are continuously trying to sort out the issue with her sitting together as it’s a family issue.

When Shami was asked about Jahan’s about his phone allegation, he responded to the media that neither the mobile nor the mobile number is not his, so he can never accept something he has never done. He also told to the media that everyone who knows him well knows about their relationship with his wife. He told that he even on his last trip to South Africa he took her for shopping and everything was fine between them. And even after returning also they went shopping and they bought jewellery and celebrated Holi together. So he clarifies that he really don’t know what happened to her suddenly brushing off all allegation.

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