Ram Charan Says, Dhruva Is High On Emotion, The Audience Will Love It

Actor Ram Charan claim and naturally confident of his film Dhruva which is going to release today. The actor is playing the role of IPS officer in this movie Dhruva; surely the film will strike whole theaters.

According to the sources, actor Ram Charan said about the script that he speaks in the film “The script speaks for itself in the film. That was what appealed the most to me. It’s a tight story and it kept me on the edge of the seat. And I’m certain that it will keep the audience on the edge of the seat as well. Dhruva is the good guy. And, he is a positive guy; just like me.”

In the film, Dhruva is a man on a mission, strong-minded to destroy the evil scientist, Siddharth Abhimanyu, (which is played by Arvind Swamy), the mind behind “a 100 criminals”.

The fight between ‘good’ entitled by Dhruva and evil – Siddharth Abhimanyu – force the film, which is a redesign of Tamil blockbuster Thani Oruvan. However the original is related from the antagonist’s point of view.ram-charan

As per the reports, actor Charan’s shares that Telugu edition is a little different from another film, he said “Dhruva is not a first person narrative of Siddharth Abhimanyu. But the story still revolves around these two major characters in the film. Neither was my character elevated nor was Arvind’s downplayed. The essence of the film was kept intact by Suri garu (Surender Reddy, the director), but changes were made in terms of treatment to suit the Telugu audiences.” He had loved the film before he approached for it.

Again Charan said that he didn’t manage while playing the protagonist, “The screenplay itself was so brilliant, and detailed, that following it to the T was enough.”ram-charan

But he exhausted many years to get the skin of the character; literally, he said “The idea was to look like a tough cop, a confident one. Therefore, the ripped body. It is meant to represent the mind of the character – how he grew up; the ups and downs he went through in his life; and how he trained to become a cop. This man Dhruva, has put in so much effort to be who he is, mentally, intellectually and physically, that it needed to be reflected in his appearance.”

Actor Charan talks about the USP of film Dhruva; he said that “The film is high on emotion. And it has been proved time and again, that the audience love films which are high on emotion. Dhruva will have them glued to their seats throughout, and I’m sure of that.”

Ram Charan has a message to the viewers that “Load up on the popcorn! You don’t want to miss even a minute of the two-hour-39-minute film.”

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