Premier League: Thibaut Courtois Says, Chelsea ‘solid at the back’, And Hence Surging

Thibaut Courtois the best goalkeeper of Chelsea trust that the key to their dramatic turnaround in shape lies in the defense which has conceded two goals during the club’s 12-game winning line.

The Premier League leaders accept to Stoke City next at Stamford Bridge on Saturday planning to safe a 13th consecutive league win in a run which started in the wake of an embarrassing 3-0 beat at Arsenal.

However, both Eden Hazard and Diego Costa together with the motivating midfielder and N’Golo Kante, have involved most admire in current weeks, the goalkeeper Courtois says that the structure back line has placed the base for the improvement in form.thibaut

He trusts the defense has been distorted by Conte’s decision to control to three following the Arsenal loss; Goalkeeper Courtois said to that “Letting in only two goals is amazing. After that Arsenal game we had to bulid a new thing and we did it well, and there is a lot of hard work in training. It was not just that we did a new formation and it will work,” he added.

“As a goalkeeper it doesn’t change much but now we are more solid at the back than at the beginning of the season, it is harder for people to break us down, and when they do try to score a goal I try to save it. Some other teams tried to defeat us as well with that formation but if it is well-worked like we do it, it is hard to break down and every day in training we do it a lot.”


“That is why we have this run at the moment and we just try to keep it going and we will see in few weeks and months where we are standing, and hopefully we will be there in the race for the championship.”

According to the sources, Belgian international footballer Hazard stated that the current team might be better than Chelsea side. The 24-years-old Hazard said that “In the Premier League things go really fast; so we just have to keep the focus on ourselves and play game by game and then we will see. Stoke at home will he hard and then we go to Tottenham, to Leicester, they are all tough games, and after we have Hull, Liverpool and Arsenal,” he added.

“So it is an important moment for us and then we will see where we stand in February.”

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