Neymar Father Was Against Move To Paris Saint-Germain F.C

Former Santos player Neymar has signed a new agreement to Paris Saint-Germain on Thursday in against of his father for 222 million euros ($263 million). Neymar move from Barcelona was made against the wishes of his father and agent, said Neymar Sr.

Neymar did not get bigger on the exact nature of their disagreement. But in an Instagram post, the video said that, the second time in his life that he was opposed to his father wishes.

The Brazilian striker Neymar said “I formed an attack with (Lionel) Messi and (Luis) Suarez that has gone down in history. I have won all that a player can win. But a player (me) needs challenges. And for the second time in my life, I’ll contradict my father. Dad, I understand and respect your opinion but my decision has been taken. I ask that you support me as you always do.”

The Brazilian boy has signed a deal for five-year with the French after they caused the release clause in his Barcelona contract. Neymar said the decision to leave the club was his and his alone in June 2013.


Neymar said “I feel in my heart that the time has come for me to leave. It’s a very hard decision but I made it with the maturity I accumulated throughout those 25 years.”

Neymar’s father is one-half of their company NN Consultoria and the guiding light behind the money-spinning offshoots that have helped the Brazil striker become one of the world’s highest grossing athletes.

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Their business and publicity ventures have established so profitably that Neymar is sometimes referred to as Neymarketing. Neymar will be presented to Paris St Germain fans on Saturday.


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According to the media report, the Brazilian boy could earn around 555,000 euros per week. Neymar added in the Instagram video that “PSG will be my new home for the next years and I will work to honour all of the trust in my football.”

“I’m counting on the support of all of you who have been with me since 2009. Fans, friends, professionals who are with me, and my family who suffered a lot with some problems that took place during that period in my career. Today you deserve peace.”

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