New Face Of South African Team After Winning ODI Series

South African Captain and his teammates were very happy after winning the ODI innings against New Zealand.

The South African team finished their targeted score in 33rd over. Before starting that match, both the team expects that the upcoming match will be a high voltage for both the team. But New Zealand batsman couldn’t manage to set a big score. The whole team was broken in 149 runs.

From South African bowling department, Rabada did well. He took three important wickets.

“Tonight was a great way to show everyone we can handle pressure, that we could cross the line in tight games, with tricky totals, and a really good bowling opposition who squeeze you very hard,” reflected de Villiers.

“All our batters showed a lot of positivity in their innings, which was great.”

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“In the past, we fell into traps of being conservative and being stuck in a bubble when the pressure is on, but [tonight] we hit ourselves out with great body language, and good skill, throughout the innings. It’s a great step in the right direction.”

South Africa

Captain AB said that he already had a big mindset before that series.

“I felt ready before this tour, but it was a really good test for us,” he said.

“I truly believe we are ready. It will be silly for me to say, ‘Yes we are going to win it.’ I believe that in my heart, but no-one is going to make silly statements like that. We are going [there] to win and I think we are ready, so if all things go well I think we will be there at the end of the tournament hopefully.”

“There’s a bit of emotion in us winning the series, especially chasing under pressure,” de Villiers said after sealing the series at the ground against New Zealand.

“We’ll definitely enjoy the victory. It obviously doesn’t make it right after we lost the semi. That will never change. But as we sit here now, we’ve just won a game against New Zealand in a final at Eden Park so it’s a great feeling. I think we’ve come a long way since that semi-final.”

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