Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp Feels Coutinho Will Be Welcomed Back Into The Squad

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said that Philippe Coutinho would be greeted back into the squad due to unsettled Brazilian’s efforts to strengthen a move to FC Barcelona have not hurt their relationship.

Earlier this month Coutinho was handed in a transfer request in a proposal to induce Liverpool to sell him to Barca. The price reported is worth 118 million pounds, 128.7 million euros, $151 million. But Liverpool has preserved their position that the Coutinho will not be sold in the current transfer window.

At present Coutinho back injury and a bout of sickness stay him out of action and manager Klopp said that when he will be fit enough to return, there will not be an attempt to send him as punishment.

Philippe Coutinho

On Tuesday, manager Klopp said that “Of course, everything is okay between me and him. Absolutely. 100 per cent. He can’t start tomorrow because on top of that he’s now ill. It will take time because he has not trained for a long time. I’ve no idea at this moment (when he will return), we would have to check when he is back.”

Klopp said regarding the suggestions of a deadline forced by Barcelona to complete a transfer which had now gone. “I never give any comment to whatever’s written or said but it’s 100 per cent clear that nothing’s changed.”

Philippe Coutinho

Talking about 2-1 lead from the first leg in Germany, he said “The first game was good enough to get the result, the second game needs to be better. Anfield is a main factor, we all know it. It’s a very special place.”

“Nothing happens by itself, we have to perform, deliver. We all know the atmosphere can and will help you. I would be concerned if people would think it’s a weak side coming from Hoffenheim. We are ready to fight.”

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