Indian Coaches At NCA Get A Pep Talk From MS Dhoni

On Wednesday, former skipper Mahindra Singh Dhoni hinted about the “importance of a good coach-captain relationship” to a group of 25 Indian coaches boost course at the National Cricket Academy at Bengaluru includes six coaches from Cricket Australia taking part in the programme.

The top coaches who have been taking part of the lecture were Sunil Joshi, Vijay Bharadwaj, Kawaljit Singh, M Venkatramana, D Vasu, M Senthilnathan, Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav were present in the programme.

Talking about the maintaining a good team environment by Dhoni, one of the coaches said to TOI that “It was more of a pep talk for the coaches from Dhoni for about 20-25 minutes. He spoke about how to maintain a good working relationship between the captain and coach so that it creates a good team environment.”

MS Dhoni

Australian retired cricketer Jason Gillespie said on Thursday that both the Indian cricketers spoke about “confidence and simplicity.” He said “It was excellent listening to both MSD and Kedar. They spoke about the importance of confidence and simplicity. All the sessions have been fantastic.”

“The local Indian coaches have been open to new ideas to complement their own coaching work, learning new things. Well done to the BCCI and CA for working together with this.”

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