India vs England: Marauders Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja Killing Opponents Softly

Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja were two Indian players, who eventually killing the opponent softly. Their all round skill mean the rhyme of “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, if their bowling part is not that good then their batting must Excellencies.

Ashwin and Jadeja killing softly

As if Ashwin-Jadeja combo inflicting chaos with the ball was not threatening enough for the opponent, the pair takes out another vital dimension from their inner exist talent added to the opponents in form of their batting. And this combo rhyme has been displayed in the current India vs England series. They come together with 387 runs from the three matches at an average of 35, and five 5o+ stands. And they also combined a wicket of 25 out of 53 against England and run out in the fourth Test in Mohali. However, their batting performance is more batter than bowling performances.

Ashwin and Jadeja

Looking to the current series playing, during the first innings in Mohali, England scratched back into the game after falling India to 204/6 on day two. In that very moment, it seemed the visitors were favorites to win the match. This is the moment when Ashwin and Jadeja combined together and rounded the visitor’s attack with their incredible perseverance.  And finally, the pair breaks through the unhopeful way and India in the lead. With this stage, the crucial partnerships ended up but Jadeja still with the power and add another 80 runs with Jayant Yadav.

The Two players were now turning a slow poison for the England. They are extremely solid in defending; Ashwin has been performed under pressure constantly in the last couple of series, Jadeja is getting there now.

Jadeja and Ashwin

Jadeja, the batsman had always been frustrating because he never quite managed to achieve consistency. “I don’t look at myself as a batsman in the Test but I am a batsman,” Jadeja said later, in a press conference. “I have made runs in domestic cricket, in first class Cricket. If you look my test performance, I average 53 in first class cricket. It is not my first innings where I have made 90. Agreed, this was my longest Test innings but I know I can play better. It is just I was trying to give myself time, was not in a rush. So, if I settle down, I knew that after 60-70 balls, I could up my scoring rate.”

These are the words of a man with implausible self-confidence but one best thing he always been synonymous with is the word “hard work”. So, it is expected that the combo power packed Ashwin and Jadeja will be coming together to attack the English in the coming game.

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