India vs Australia: Kohli Confidently Says India Will Win A Series

Indian skipper Virat Kohli said that shameful losing in the first Test in Pune would not affect their mind when they play their second Test against Australia in Bengaluru on Saturday.

The 28-year-old veteran skipper Kohli said that he was confident that his team would play well back in Bengaluru after losing their first Test in Pune.

On Friday, Kohli said at the pre-match press conference that “We have the belief that we can win this series. I can assure you that everyone is taking this as a massive challenge and everyone is raring to turn things around in this series and play the kind of cricket we all know that we can play and not take a backward step at any stage.”


India has won in West Indies and Srilanka also they beat New Zealand, South Africa, England and Bangladesh for six straight series wins. But in Pune was shocked losing their first Test which people was expecting that they will steamroll the visitors.

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Kohli said “Sometimes these defeats are necessary. It is very rare that the whole team fails to contribute…Pune was one of those days. Pune was a disappointment because of the way we played, not that we lost but the way we lost. When you don’t have enough intent and you lose the game, that’s when it hurts you.”


“The defeat gives you an opportunity to understand what are the things we need to work on. Sometimes when you win, you don’t focus on everything because somebody or the other steps up. That’s always a good sign. But we cannot take anything for granted at any stage. It was not a set back…these things are also important in your Test journey,” he added.

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He also said about young all-rounder player Jayant Yadav performance; he said “Jayant has been outstanding. He has been brilliant, very intelligent. All of us go through the grind. Pune wasn’t his best game, but I won’t judge as he has played too little. He knows how to turn things around and will get back into the zone.”

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