ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Yuvraj Singh Changed The Innings IND vs Pak

Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh changed the innings match against Pakistan on Sunday at Edgbaston, Birmingham. Yuvraj smashes with a “clinical” performance on their first opening match of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

Yuvraj’s smash 53 off 32 helped India break free from a sluggish stage towards the back end of their innings. After the opening batsman’s like Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma presented their side failed to gear up.

As soon as when Yuvraj arrived he launched to lift Kohli confidence. Kohli said after the match win by 124 over Pakistan, “The way Yuvi batted, it was the game-changing innings, to be honest. That gave all of us the confidence to start striking the ball well.”

Talking about Yuvraj clinical performance, Kohli said “The way he batted was the way only he can strike the ball. Hitting low full-tosses fro fours and sixes, and even digging out yorkers for fours, was outstanding.”

After Yuvraj joined Kohli in the 37th over, Kohli was on 29 off 37 balls having just involved in the run-out of Rohit Sharma. “I think till 40, I was easing into the game, taking my ones and twos like I always do. I could not go for the big ones because it was tricky. We went off about four times.”

“And we came back in, and so as a player who likes to play the long innings till the end and usually plays like that for the team, it becomes very difficult to find momentum every time you come back and all you got to do is play yourself in again,” said Kohli.

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Kohli said about Yuvi performance against England, who struck 150 in the last ODI series. “When Yuvi came in, we didn’t go back out again. So, he started striking from the ball one and, as I said, that took pressure off me, and maybe I should have given him a strike.”

India vs Pakistan

He added, “That really deflated the opposition and that gave me a bit of time to settle in from the other end. When he got out, I took over. But I think his innings was a difference in the game.”

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Talking about Yuvi’s rubs off positively success, Kohli said “If he plays like that you know the team is always in a good space because you can really rely on him to come in and just play match-changing innings, more often than not. And he will end up doing it three out of five times. That’s why we back him at that spot.”

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