Hrithik Roshan To Pair With Alia Bhatt In “Aashiqui 3” ?

There are rumours of Hrithik Roshan and Alia Bhat collaborating in new upcoming movie AASHIQUI 3. It will be very interesting to watch the chemistry between 20 years age gapped co¬-stars. Yes alia bhat is 20 years younger than Hrithik. It will be great to see two fabulous stars together on screen, the fresh pair. AASHIQUI 3 will be coming by 2017, as soon as Hrithik finishes his current movie MOHENJO DARO by Ashutosh Gowaiker. Many people believe he has greek god’s looks and his versatile acting is outstanding.

Before it was said that Sonam Kapoor would be cast opposite to Hrithik Roshan, after viewing the romance and chemistry between them in the song DHEERE DHEERE. After that there was rumour of casting Kangana Ranaut for the movie, after the movie KRRISH 3 , but Hrithik asked the producers not to sign her. So now a great romantic pair came out.

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What We Expect From “Aashiqui 3” ?

The movie AASHIQUI 2 was a blast earning a profit of more than 100 crores in box office. In the movie the pair Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor had shown a fabulous chemistry. The songs were super hit in particular. Now we are looking forward to the story and songs in AASHIQUI 3. The movie is expected to be romantic and emotional. Some action may delight us as our favourite action Hero has been cast in this movie.

We all cannot imagine Hrithik Roshan without action. Moreover he played great romantic roles in his early stage movies. Romantic films like KAHO NAA PYAAR HAI, KOI MILL GAYA, JODHA AKHBAR and many more. As he is too versatile,he performs exceptionally well in all his movies.

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All the fans of Hrithik Rosan and Alia Bhat, hold your heart and get prepared to watch this sizzling couple together romancing in upcoming movie AASHIQUI 3. We are going to have a delightful movie in 2017.

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