Glenn McGrath: Coach’s Role Is More About Being Man Manager

Former Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath said on Monday that working together on the same page is very important for coach and captain. McGrath said, “I think it’s very important for the captain and coach to be on the same page and work together.”

Yet as disagreement surrounding the Indian coach Anil Kumble’s exit and appointment of new coach Ravi Shastri as his replacement continues. The Australian legendary feels that coaching an international cricket team is more about man management.

McGrath said from Chennai to DNA, “I think when you coach in international cricket, it’s a little bit different. You don’t need to teach skills because skill wise they already know the game well. It’s more about being a man manager where you make sure everything is provided to the players.”

“Also help out the mental side of the game, the preparation, thought processes. That’s my opinion what a coach in international level does.”

The 47-year-old Aussie added that he doesn’t want to give an outsiders perspective of the controversy. “I kept looking from the outside. I don’t know a great deal. So, it’s not for me to comment. How Ravi came in or what’s happening. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on that.”

Glenn McGrath

Talking about 1990 and 2000 when the Aussies dominated world cricket under the captaincy of Steve Waugh, McGrath said: “I think it’s very important for the captain and coach to be on the same page, get on and work together.”

“It’s not just about eleven playing in the middle but about the whole squad, ensuring that everyone’s ready as a player and how to get the best out of the team. It’s important that coach and the captain have a similar thought.”

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McGrath said about New South Wales-born player, “Hopefully, it gets sorted out very quickly and the players get on playing again, the fans can enjoy the cricket. I think it should get sorted out and get back to business as usual.”

Reacting to Aussie opener David Warner’s comment, McGrath said “No, no, I think they should be alright, players are professionals these days and focus on the game. Business will be as usual. I don’t think there will be any issues and will get back soon.”

Glenn McGrath

Praising the Indian fast bowler, he added “They are going well at the moment. It’s good to see that. Every team needs to have quality fast bowlers competing on the world circuit, not only in their own conditions. Indians are doing a really good job. They are surely bowling well to the best batsman in the world and IPL has played a part.”

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McGrath said about Indian fast bowlers developing strongly of MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai. “Normally, when they first come to MRF pace foundation they are quite raw have some pace. They don’t know much about the technical side.”

“It’s our job to prepare them as cricketers, make them realise there is no substitute for hard work. They work hard when they are here. It’s about knowing themselves knowing the game here, being fit and strong, mentally tough.”

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