Flintoff Feels Stokes As The Heartbeat Of The Team

Former England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff praised on Ben Stokes said that he will not able to play recent English Test side. Last few months, Stokes has been phenomenal runs of form and plays a key role in all the three formats of the game.

Former England Flintoff said about the efforts of Stokes, “He looks like the heartbeat of the team – everything centres round what he’s doing. If England needs a lift or a wicket he comes on and when he comes into bat you can feel it from the team, from the crowd and sat at home watching it on TV, that there is an expectancy something is going to happen.”

Speaking to Sky Sports Flintoff said that “Everyone compares him to me – but he’s better than me and, potentially, he’s better than Botham. Beefy won’t like it but who cares – we’ve got Ben Stokes!”

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Ben Stokes

“(England) are a very good team, play a style of cricket that you want to watch and have people who kids can look up to – proper role models in Root, Stokes, Jos Butter. It’s the type of team you’d love to play in – but I wouldn’t get a game!”

Later, Ian Botham said about Stokes, he said “As a player, he’s probably better than I was at 24. He is not a jack of all trades and master of none; he is actually probably the master of the three most important assets you need: batting, bowling, and fielding.”

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“His bowling can only get better. He has all the attributes – he has pace, he can swing the ball, he can reverse it, he can bowl orthodox. And he is a terrific fielder close to the bat, in the covers or midwicket, backward point, or on the boundary.”

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