Dear Zindagi is About More Than Alia’s Heartbreaks: Five Things We Bet You Didn’t Pay Attention To

From the clips of the Film Dear Zindagi that we had seen even before the film was released. It seemed that the film was all about the actress Alia Bhatt and her dysfunctional relationship with the mystery titles like “Breakup, Love, Repeat,” it was just a normal to arrive at this close.

Dear Zindagi Hertbreaks

Watching this Film, one realizes that passionate relationship are always a little part of the story. The meeting point is not the Alias character (Kaira) falling in love and receiving her heat wrecked or even on her relationship with Jehangir Khan who was her therapist, composition by the superstar Shah Rukh Khan. While Dear Zindagi is sight through this partial lens, the heart of her drive to being bright to live a life to the fullest is lost.

Five things you may miss out in this film are as follow:

      1. Romantic love is not the be-all and end-all of love

In the film, it is sure Kaira(Alias character) is not capable of being asleep because one of her previous lovers has already engaged with somebody. And this lands her at the access way of a therapist and pleasing the story ahead. But even as soft talking pitcher sets her at relieving on her numerous relationships with the chair metaphor that he repeats her to reconnect with her family and some of her friends. Kaira her own acknowledge best friend and she feel secure with those.

  1. Coming out to friends and Family is not the only worry of Homosexuals

It is frequently believed that the largest problem homosexuals have are coming out of the nearest to their dear ones, but in this film shows that there is more about it. Obviously, judgmental can be done by the society, as we can see in this film Kaira uncle and aunty who scared to ask their niece is she was a Lebanese? But coming to expression with the sexual identity is an evenly terrifying problem.

  1. Being well to do in a big city does not always guarantee an easy life

In this film, we can see Kaira story that society is not always kind to single girls or women who live alone.

  1. Therapy is not just for those who hit rock-bottom

In the beginning of this film, we can see Kaira is heartbroken. And after many problems, she was decided to go to the therapy not because of she has reached the depth of desolation. So, here in this film, it shows us that it is acceptable to request help even ahead of serious things coiled totally out of the manage.

  1. Sexism be real in every sphere of human life

This is a frequent theme in Dear Zindagi that we can find and with this film ending Kunal Kapoor conclusion with Kaira family who feature her success to him.

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