Check Out What Shoaib Akhtar Said About Captain Kohli And Ian Healy

After losing the 1st Test match against Australia, Captain Kohli seems very angry through the second Test match. After India’s superb came back in the last innings of second Test, Indian team forced Australia to defeat by 75 runs.

Australian former wicket-keeper Ian Healy criticized Captain Kohli’s behavior. But former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar defended Indian Captain Virat Kohli after Ian Healy’s criticizing comment.

After India’s win in the second Test match, Shoaib Akhtar said, “We have 1.2 billion people in India, and one person doesn’t make a difference.”

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 The 28-years Delhi batsman said, “And also I think you should go and search on YouTube when he was given out in Centurion down the leg side. I heard he said something about me not having good behavior with the umpires. I think you all should YouTube that video.”
Indian team

Captain Kohli got support from Akhtar who gave a long comment about it on Twitter.

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At Melbourne radio station SEN, the 119-Test veteran player said, “The pressure is starting to tell on (Kohli). I’m losing respect for him. He’s got to be a lot more respectful of his opponents. The stuff he did with Steve Smith was unacceptable.”.

“I’ve said in the past, he (Kohli) is the best batsman I’ve ever seen. His feistiness and real aggression towards the opposition has been good (in the past), especially when he was not captain. It would lead his team with him. They’re timider than they look and they let on, the Indian cricketers.”

The former Australian Healy said, “So Kohli’s aggression was good for them. But I think it’s not good for them anymore. He’s putting some pressure on (his players). You can read pressure all over Ravichandran Ashwin’s face. I think there are massive cracks showing in (Kohli).”

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