Check Out What Rahane Says In Interview With Pujara

Indian international cricketer Ajinkya Rahane has dropped the beans on the serious look he displays on and off the pitch while interviewed by his teammate Cheteshwar Pujara. Pujara said that Rahane is quite similar to him and talks very less to remain cool and calm. However, Rahane said that marrying Radhika has certified that he has started talking a lot more.

The 29-year-old Indian vice-captain said that “I have started talking more ever since I got married. But I have been the quiet types right from the beginning and that has to do with my family background and also maybe because I do a lot of meditation and all.”

“I think this nature helps a lot on the field, especially in the Test format. Staying calm has helped me perform across all formats and has also helped me in my decision-making. But yes, I used to be a lot quieter earlier.”


Rahane wasn’t going to let Pujara have all the fun and he was quick to ask the Saurashtra batsman about his love for FIFA to which he said. “I enjoy playing FIFA on PlayStation. You don’t play much, but Virat (Kohli), Wriddhiman (Saha), Shikhar (Dhawan) and KL Rahul play a lot of FIFA and I think I make a lot of noise there.”

Pujara said he has slowly started to sled on the field, “I am still learning the art of sledging. Sledging is something which has to be done if the need arises because at times the bowlers do need some help, but it can’t be personal. So, if we can help as fielders and talk to the batsmen, then a little bit of sledging… At some stage, you do need to sledge.”

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Speaking about their partnership in the India innings, he said: “I wanted to take my time initially, but then I wanted to look for the bad balls because we felt that the wicket was going to become dangerous.”


“I was visualizing the scenario from the dressing room and wanted to unsettle the spinners. The moment we started using our feet, their spinners weren’t quite sure where to land the ball. To gain momentum, you need to take risks as playing defensively could put undue pressure on the lower order batsmen.”

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Talking about his fitness, he said “I haven’t had sweets and chocolates for a long time. But I love having a Japanese and Chinese cuisine. It is also important to understand that while we often say that carbs shouldn’t be consumed, what needs to be kept in mind is the climate conditions. So, when the team is playing in say Sri Lanka or the West Indies, you need to have carbs as well.”

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