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Harmanpreet Kaur

Indian international professional cricketer Harmanpreet Kaur knocks 171-runs as the greatest ODI innings against Australia in the Women World Cup. Kaur unbeaten 171 brought her side against the defending World Cup champions in a decisive semi-final match.

The Indian innings was reduced to 42-overs-a-side due to a rain delay. Choosing to bat, India scored a challenging 281/4 against Australia in the rain-truncated second semi-finals of the ICC Women’s World Cup at County Ground.

The 28-year-old Indian women’s cricketer Kaur said “I didn’t get a chance to bat in the whole tournament. Today when I got the chance I just wanted to utilise it, this opportunity, because today was the day where I wanted to prove myself, and thanks to God, whatever I was thinking, (worked). Mithali Raj and Deepti (Sharma) scored really well and Veda (Krishnamurthy) scored really well.”

Harmanpreet Kaur

Talking about her aim to hit the ball hard, she said “Today’s plan was just to watch the ball, hit it hard and this is what I was doing. Some areas they were bowling well but I just wanted to hit and rotate the strike.”

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She was involved partnership with Deepti Sharma in 137-run which stand for the fourth wicket, Kaur said “I just told her to rotate the strike, you don’t have to take the pressure, I was hitting the ball well and I told her to give me the strike and I will take the responsibility and she did a great job.”

Harmanpreet Kaur

Indian women’s cricket team have reached the final tournament for the second time in history. Kaur said that she is looking forward to moving final match against England. “I’m feeling proud. My innings was only worth it because they were restricted. When we were started from Bombay, we wanted to reach the semi-final, then reach the final.”

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Tamil Thalaivas

‘Tamil Thalaivas’ a new Kabaddi team, who will make their debut at the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League in the Season 5, made noises in the last few weeks. On Thursday, the team’s jersey launch and saw their brand icon Kamal Hassan, co-owners Sachin Tendulkar, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan Teja, Allu Arvind and Nimmagadda Prasad were present on the eve.

Talking about the atmosphere surrounding the league, Sachin said “I was there to witness the first match in Mumbai (in PKL) three years ago. The kind of energy and the vibration inside the stadium was spectacular. I have always admired sportsmen and when I went there, the speed and the agility of the players were just incredible.”

When asked about a dream Kabaddi team with non-kabaddi players, he said “If I have to get a defender – it will have to be MS Dhoni. He doesn’t miss much and would be great in that position. A raider is someone who has to hold his breath. When it comes to holding your breath, I don’t think anyone can match (singer) Shankar Mahadevan.”

Tamil Thalaivas

Team captain Ajay Thakur said about the chance to interact with the local teams to play with them in places such as Madurai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, and Tuticorin.

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The 31-year-old professional Indian international Kabaddi player and new team ‘Tamil Thalaivas’ said to TOI that “When we toured the districts, I was witness to the love people showered on us. In most places that we visited, people would come in good numbers and make us feel so special. The sport has its origins in Tamil Nadu and it is no surprise that people here adore kabaddi players so much.”

Tamil Thalaivas

Ajay said Tamil Thalaivas have come up with their signature style to celebrate a point. “We have our way of expressing a winning point and have even called it the ‘Jallikattu kick.”

Ajay said that he will keen to give a good account of himself. “To be captaining this side is a huge responsibility. I am entrusted with the role of taking the team along with me and I just hope to deliver.”

Talking about the presence of 7 local players in the side, he said: “They have begun to get a grip on Hindi, and even we are picking up a few words of Tamil as well.”

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Joe Root

England cricketer Joe Root was amazed by former England captain Michael Vaughan said that his side has failed to respect Test cricket during their beating of 340 run by South Africa at Trent Bridge.

Vaughan, who was now a commentator on BCC Radio’s Test Match Special, made his hurtful comments as England lost by seven first-innings wickets for 62 runs to be bowled out in the title more than 50 overs for 205.

Vaughan, who played along with Root’s father Matt at the Sheffield Collegiate Club in Yorkshire, said that “The England batting has been appalling. Maybe it’s a lack of respect about what the game is.”

“They look like they are playing a Twenty20 game. They have this approach of attack, attack, attack. There is no thought or feeling of seeing off a bowler or wearing a team down,” said Vaughan.

Joe Root

England’s second innings was worse and this was their sixth defeat in their last eight Tests and Root was taken aback by mentor Vaughan’s comments. “I think that’s very unfair – I can’t believe he’s actually said that. We pride ourselves on winning series like this, and unfortunately, we’ve played poorly this week,” said Root.

According to the match situation, Yorkshireman accepted his side should bat in different styles. “We need to make sure we learn quickly … (so that) if we are in a similar situation (in the third Test) at The Oval, for example, we play it slightly smarter.”

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He added, “Part of Test cricket is trying to find a balance of both (attack and defence) – and even if it’s not your strength, you build it into your natural game. You have periods where you can absorb a bit of pressure and find the right moment to apply it when chances come along.”

Joe Root

“We are capable of doing it and have done it previously, but this wasn’t a very good example of it.”

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Talking about the experience of huge loss Test-match against England at Lord’s in his first Test, Root said “I definitely feel older – it’s been a tough week. South Africa responded very well from Lord’s – and especially with the bat, we didn’t assess the situation well enough in the first innings.”

“After that, we couldn’t find a way to get back into the game. We’re a side that doesn’t like giving anything away, and unfortunately today that wasn’t a fair representation of how good we are as a team.”

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Former Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath said on Monday that working together on the same page is very important for coach and captain. McGrath said, “I think it’s very important for the captain and coach to be on the same page and work together.”

Yet as disagreement surrounding the Indian coach Anil Kumble’s exit and appointment of new coach Ravi Shastri as his replacement continues. The Australian legendary feels that coaching an international cricket team is more about man management.

McGrath said from Chennai to DNA, “I think when you coach in international cricket, it’s a little bit different. You don’t need to teach skills because skill wise they already know the game well. It’s more about being a man manager where you make sure everything is provided to the players.”

“Also help out the mental side of the game, the preparation, thought processes. That’s my opinion what a coach in international level does.”

The 47-year-old Aussie added that he doesn’t want to give an outsiders perspective of the controversy. “I kept looking from the outside. I don’t know a great deal. So, it’s not for me to comment. How Ravi came in or what’s happening. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on that.”

Glenn McGrath

Talking about 1990 and 2000 when the Aussies dominated world cricket under the captaincy of Steve Waugh, McGrath said: “I think it’s very important for the captain and coach to be on the same page, get on and work together.”

“It’s not just about eleven playing in the middle but about the whole squad, ensuring that everyone’s ready as a player and how to get the best out of the team. It’s important that coach and the captain have a similar thought.”

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McGrath said about New South Wales-born player, “Hopefully, it gets sorted out very quickly and the players get on playing again, the fans can enjoy the cricket. I think it should get sorted out and get back to business as usual.”

Reacting to Aussie opener David Warner’s comment, McGrath said “No, no, I think they should be alright, players are professionals these days and focus on the game. Business will be as usual. I don’t think there will be any issues and will get back soon.”

Glenn McGrath

Praising the Indian fast bowler, he added “They are going well at the moment. It’s good to see that. Every team needs to have quality fast bowlers competing on the world circuit, not only in their own conditions. Indians are doing a really good job. They are surely bowling well to the best batsman in the world and IPL has played a part.”

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McGrath said about Indian fast bowlers developing strongly of MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai. “Normally, when they first come to MRF pace foundation they are quite raw have some pace. They don’t know much about the technical side.”

“It’s our job to prepare them as cricketers, make them realise there is no substitute for hard work. They work hard when they are here. It’s about knowing themselves knowing the game here, being fit and strong, mentally tough.”

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Roger Federer

Swiss professional tennis player Roger Federer wanted to win the Wimbledon title in London. As Federer last won on 2012 and looking for five years to win. However, his waiting for Wimbledon title has ended.

On Sunday, Federer won the record eighth title defeating over Marin Cilic of Croatia at 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 in the final and also became the first man to win Wimbledon eight times. He improved his Grand Slam title count to 19th.

After beating Cilic of Croatia in the final match, Federer said “I always believed that I could maybe come back and do it again. And if you believe, you can go really, really far in your life, and I did that. And I’m happy I kept on believing and dreaming and here I am today for the eighth. It’s fantastic.”

Roger Federer

Federer further said that he needs to take more time off to win more title. “I’ve got to take more time off. Not to drop a set it’s magical, I can’t believe it just yet, it’s too much really. It’s just belief, that I can achieve such heights. I wasn’t sure I would ever be here in another final. But I always believed I could maybe come back and do it again.”

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When asked about boys and girls trophy ceremony, he said that the girls come for the final and the boys have no sign what is happening. “They have no clue what’s on. They think it’s probably a nice view and a nice playground.”

Roger Federer

“But it’s not quite like that here, so one day hopefully they’ll understand. They enjoy to watch a little bit. They come for the finals, I guess.”

Talking about Cilic’s struggling in the final match, Federer said that “It’s cruel sometimes and he’s a hero so congratulations on a wonderful tournament. Sometimes you don’t feel great in the final and it’s cruel.”

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Robin Singh

New Indian men’s cricket head coach Ravi Shastri said that he has picked up his support staff created a stir over the past couple of days. Shastri found a stop supporting in former Indian fielding coach Robin Singh.

Former fielding coach said that if he was the coach, he would select the people with whom “he is comfortable” with.

Karaikudi Kaalai head coach Singh said in an interaction “Let me put it like this… I like to work with people who I know. I don’t like to work with people who I don’t know. It’s really a comfort level that you need to have.”

“You have to work with people with whom you have an understanding and who you think can execute.”

Robin Singh

The 53-year-old former Indian all-rounder said that “You can ask anyone around – whether it’s cricket or a company. The CEO or the management want their own people. I don’t think there is a controversy. Everyone makes it a controversy. At the end of the day, if I’m coach, I would want people who I’m comfortable with. It’s as simple as that.”

Asked whether the BCCI handled the selection of the head coach in a proper manner, Singh said: “I’m in no position to answer that.” Singh doesn’t want to remark on Virat Kohli & Anil Kumble’s showdown. “I never ever comment on what’s done.”

Robin Singh

Talking about IPL franchises are eagerly looking at the players from TNPL. “Everyone is looking at all forms of cricket. TNPL was a stunning example. The standard was pretty good. There were a lot of young guys who looked really confident.”

Singh further added, “From MI, there were about 7-8 guys who were being looked at during IPL last season. I would pass on whomsoever the player they are looking at for our franchise as well as other franchise. At the end of the day, it’s cricket. If a young guy is good and you can afford to give him an opportunity, why not?”

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Ravi Shastri

After taking the position from Anil Kumble as an Indian coach, Ravi Shastri is very clear on one thing that ‘the captain is the boss of the team. He and his backroom staff are only to help the players are in the right frame of mind to perform at their best.

Shastri was a team director just before Kumble was appointed as coach last year, he said disappointed when he was overlooked as head coach in 2016. However, after Kumble’s contract expired in June 2017, BCCI decided not to renew it and sent out an advertisement seeking candidates for the position.

The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman finding India’s next coach told the BCCI that Kumble remained their first choice. But Kumble stepped down after realising the differences between him and the captain Virat Kohli had become “untenable.”

Ravi Shastri

Talking about earlier selection, recent new Indian coach Shastri said to ‘Times of India’ “I had not really wrapped my head around the gravity of the situation. There was nothing personal. I really hadn’t begun to understand the seriousness of this. But when I sat down and gave it a serious thought, I began to tell myself.”

“Here is a unit that I have been part of and enjoyed a great working relationship with. Having been part of the unit that helped it become No. 1, I thought the onus is on me now to make it work again, in the best interests of everybody involved. That’s when I knew it’s time for me to apply again.”

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Taking about happy to let the captain charge, Shastri said “It’s always the captain’s team and it is the leader who calls the shots. That’s how it has always worked. A coach’s role, effectively speaking, is to stay in the background and let the onus be on the players.”

Ravi Shastri

“The coach and support staff’s role is to get the players in the most brilliant frame of mind to execute things and if done effectively, it brings enjoyment to the player’s game.”

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Shastri said about his relationship with the support staff, “I’m simply going to press the refresh button and begin from where I left. I know what I’m stepping into, players have an idea of what’s coming, so that ticks the first box.”

“Just to give you an idea, I won’t be spending the first six to eight months in the job warming up to the team. That had already been accomplished in my previous stint. This time, it’s going to be about getting on the job from day one.”

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Zaheer Khan

Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) on Thursday wrote a letter in a plain paper to the Committee of Administrators (CoA) chief Vinod Rai and BCCI acting Secretary Amitabh Choudhary, asking them to clear the air with a view to the appointment of the Indian men’s cricket team head coach and specialists.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India’s CAC Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, and VVS Laxman selected Ravi Shastri as the Indian men’s cricket head coach and Zaheer Khan as bowling coach and Rahul Dravid as batting coach.

The claim leveled against CAC is that the committee goes beyond its brief with Zaheer and Dravid as support staff. “There have been suggestions that the CAC has exceeded its ambit in going with Mr. Khan and Mr. Dravid, and that these two legends of Indian cricket have been foisted on the head coach.”

“We also bring to your notice that the mail you had circulated to us saying that we had an absolutely free hand in picking the coach of the Indian cricket team. Also, we did inform you over the phone, along with Rahul Johri (BCCI CEO) and Amitabh Choudhary, of all that transpired immediately after the meeting was over.”

Zaheer Khan

“As we have outlined, that is not the case, and it is imperative that the public is made aware of the reality. We could do it ourselves, of course, but we don’t want to further queer the pitch. So we would respectfully request you to clear the air and set the record straight in this regard,” CAC members wrote this letter.

According to the reports, Shastri wants Bharat Arun as full-time bowling coach. As both of them have been worked together during his director from August 2014 to March 2016 and the new coach wanted a meeting.

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However, on Wednesday Ganguly said to The Indian Express that the CAC had recommended Zaheer and Dravid as bowling and batting consultants in that order after consulting Shastri. “He (Shastri) was consulted by Sachin. That’s why we had asked for time.”

Zaheer Khan

On Thursday, the BCCI release that “The recommendation for Mr. Ravi Shastri was made on the merit of his presentation and the vision that he projected for taking the team to greater heights.”

“After taking the decision on his selection, the CAC consulted him and decided on having Batting and Bowling consultants on the overseas tour-to-tour basis, as per the requirement of the team.”

New Indian coach Shastri said in several interviews that he would be happy to have the knowledge of Zaheer and Dravid on foreign tours. CoA member said to The Indian Express that the BCCI acting secretary and CEO to be directed to speaks to the new Indian coach about this matter.



Wriddhiman Saha

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