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Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie
Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie

In Bollywood atmosphere everyone knows, that epic dialogue deliver “Mere Karan – Arjun Aayenge.” Well, it’s not a dialogue anymore, as two most controversial Bollywood friend Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan going to be starring in their Imtiaz Ali’s film. The report already confirmed as Salman Khan has twitted on their Twitter account.

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie

This is awesomely a good news for Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, which has already gone viral on the internet. Though, we can see the clash between among its fans over the internet; now, it seems quite interesting as both superstars will cast in the same ring. Imtiaz Ali’s this big movie name not yet mentioned, but their first look hinted to arrive onscreen on August 11, 2017. But the fact is unmatched, what Salman Khan has added on his twitter account.

Even though anonymous news regarding a sour relationship between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, we also see they’re both as known as a best friend of Bollywood ( also called as Karan-Arjun). As of the first poster released, Anushka Sharma will be in the main role as heroine.

However, the rumor news about Salman Khan and Sah Rukh Khan’s next film not true at all. We have seen Salman Khan’s twit and he ( Salman Khan) added,” Shahrukh Khan ki film aa rahi hai… date maine decide kardi hai… Title tum log decides kardo…. Best of Luck!!”””

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie
Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie

Actually, this twit was asking for the Title to its fans, as he has decided the date of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s next upcoming film on 11th August 2017. It’s an open announcement of their upcoming film, but there are no hints that Salman Khan will cast in this movie. Again, it’s a disappointment while the news has gone viral that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan both coming on the same screen.

All we have to do is “Wait and hope,” but there is no news about Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s working together for a film. However, the report says Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starred film is one of the upcoming films of Shahrukh Khan, which will be directed by Imtiaz Ali.

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alia bhatt

Alia Bhatt, who has contributed a film like ‘Udta Punjab’ and ‘Highway,’ says that she is love works in Off-beat films, but she will not confine only this type of genre.

Now with her next film’ Dear Zindagi’ releasing on 25th November, here Alia playing a character of a slice-of-life, the 23 years old lady here to promote the next film with one of the best actor, superstar Shah Rukh Khan and experience director Gauri Shinde.

alia bhatt

“I like off-beat but would like to do on-beat films as well. My father once told me that people keep saying ‘I want to do something out of the box’ but then my father asked me, what is in the box? Have you been inside the box office that if I know what it is outside?” Alia told media here on Tuesday.

She also added saying “I am happy that I got the opportunity to do a film like ‘Dear Zindagi’ or ‘Udta Punjab.’ I also wish to be fit in any mold. And I want to play glamorous roles as well.

The film ‘Dear Zindagi’ Alia character will be seen fully dealing with a break-up scene. Alia says that there is no fixed way of dealing with a break-up in life.

Alia also said that “This is a very corny thing to say, but like how the injuries cure slowly of our body. It is just because we the people are very irritated and we look our injuries to cure quickly as we don’t want to suffer for long. Like I spend my holidays and have funned with friends. Like I never had a break-up life but maybe one or two,”

Now, Alia was asked that how she would identify her ideal man, she replied with a big smile, “There is no ideal man for me. It is the way people feel only but one thing though there is a perfect man for me it is a sense of rumors.

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abhishek bachchan dhoom4

Actor Abhishek Bachchan claimed that he is starring in the next installment of ‘Dhoom 4’ a continued sequence of the movie Dhoom. But unfortunately, when he was asked about the progress of the movie Dhoom 4, he said that he don’t know anything about the development of the scripts and the story yet.

abhishek bachchan dhoom4

He said that they still didn’t get the script for Dhoom, and don’t have any idea about the script, whether Aditya is developing something new or not. He also said that Victor the maker of last part Dhoom is also busy in making another movie, and because of that Abhisekh Bachchan don’t have any idea or status about the film so called Dhoom. And he also said that he will surely announce about the Dhoom 4 movie once every developer member gets ready.

There was also a rumor about the movie Pir Hera Pheri 3, that the comedians and actors of Housefull 3 will be seen in the Phir Hera Pheri 3 movies, along with the actors Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar.  But unfortunately the Abhisekh Bachchan has told that this not going to happen, the Hera Pheri movie is not going to Happen now.

Anything can happen in the film industries. Abhisekh Bachchan has just expressed his opinions as per his thoughts. The decisions of the filmmakers may affect its vast fans, it is important to notify their fans about the changes and the decision they take.

Well,  we will try our best to provide all the information and details about the upcoming events about this vast film industries, I hope you enjoyed what  you have just read, if you want to share your thought about  the topic, you can comment on the comment box given below, I will highly appreciate it. And at last, thank you for reading this article.

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is amazed to see that the superstar Rajinikanth is giving back money to its distributors after his film gets flop and unable to gain the profit from it due to commercial failure.


A superstar like Rajani sir is very rare; he is more than the superstar, a whole galaxy. During early days everyone is wanted to learn the way he used to wear his googols, the way he lit cigarettes, his styles, and everything. And after knowing that he is returning money to the distributors, we can take into account that he is the true superstar.

Akshay Kumar told reporters that he still remember when one of Rajani’s film titled as ‘Baba’ was released and was unable to reach up to the marks.  And then what he did is truly amazes me’. Rajani sir call all of the distributors of that particular film and returned their money without any hesitation, it is the biggest sign of a true superstar.

This really amazing to know that, the Khiladi Kumar is going to teamed up with Rajni. And also for the first time in the industry.

He said in his 25 years of career he has never ever put makeup, but in this movie it takes about three hours to put the makeup and to remove it take about one hour for the role of villain, he also said that during makeup time he used to watch the movies.

He also said that he is become more patience then before while making this movie, and he is very thankful to the directors that they had chosen him. He was shocked while he is chosen in front of his fan, he is very thankful to the directors Rajani and Shankar. He said.

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There was a huge suspense among the movie lovers when they came to know that Deepika Padukone is going to be a part of the Hollywood action series xXx. The movie is named xXx: Return of Xander Cage, the movie will be featuring Vin Diesel in lead role, he is also the joint producer of this movie. The trailer of the movie is just beyond the expectation. This is the third movie in xXx franchise which is all set to be released worldwide on 20th Jan

With xXx: Return of Xander Cage Deepika is going to make a debut in Hollywood. The official trailer released on 1st of November in which Deepika was looking smoking hot. Just in few days, the movie got millions of YouTube views. Many rumors spread about the movie regarding Deepika. Deepika will play the role of Serena Unger. Deepika prepared herself emotionally and physically for the movie as she had to do many action scenes. The Hindi trailer of this movie is also getting many views. Just to fueling this thrill, Paramount pictures decided to release to release a special trailer of this movie on Indians televisions one of the biggest and popular reality show ‘Big Boss’ season 10. deepika

 It was rumored that Deepika’s role in this movie is of a groupie but the trailer said something else. In black leather jacket and boots, she just snatched everyone’s heart. Another great thing about xXx: return of Xander Cage is, in this movie, we will see another Asian action hero Tony Jaa who is very famous for his stunts. But in India the hype is rising rapidly as Deepika posted some selfies with Vin Diesel in social media, Vin also posted a still from the photo where they are wearing same dresses.

To Watch the Movie trailer please click on the link below: xxx trailer

People who love action movies is waiting for the movie to release because the trailer and the action scenes look promising. This is for the first time when an Indian actress is working in big budget Hollywood Movie that also in the lead role. Hope the movie will be able to fulfill all the expectations.   

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Mohenjo Daro Movie Trailer

Mohenjo Daro Movie is an upcoming movie where you will see Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hedge romancing together. The trailer is quite good which depicts the ancient civilization that is the Indus Valley civilization. The 3-minute trailer itself became quite hit and famous, peoples have already waited for the day of release i.e., 12 August 2016.MOHENJO DARO MOVIE

The Mohenjo Daro Movie is written and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. Moreover, the epic adventure-romance set an era of the Indus Valley civilization. The film traces the lives of the Indigo farmers Sarpan and Chaani in the pre-historic Indus Valley. A young indigo farmer, Sarman, enters the city and meets Chaani, the daughter of the Priest with whom he falls in love later.

In this movie, Hrithik plays the role of Sarpan and Pooja of Chaani, the movie reveal that Sarpan uncovers the secrets about Chaani, Mohenjo Daro and about his own past that sets his life on a roller coaster ride. The film reveals about the Pre-historic Indus Valley Civilization, when the evil greed of man is about to destroy one of the oldest cities of the world, Mohenjodaro.

Actress Pooja Hedge being a gorgeous actress in Mohenjo Daro Movie

The actress Pooja looks gorgeous in this movie with her glittering costumes. The very presence of her makes the movie quite interesting. Here, one of the most interesting parts is that she feels her kisses with actor Hrithik that makes the scene more dynamic as you can see in the trailer.

The actress worked on Tamil movies thrice already in her earlier career and achieved great success. Apart from that, she has put enough effort to prove herself capable of working with senior and successful actor Hrithik Roshan. Moreover, she seems to be quite comfortable in the trailer.

You Can Watch Trailer of this upcoming Mohenjo Daro Movie:

Hrithik Roshan being the main motivator of the movie

The actor who has been giving one after another hit movies, manage to prove himself this time as well. The poster of the flicks itself looks amazing on Hrithik, with all the magnetic aura of the oldest civilization of the world. He looks quite good in his costumes and getups, and all the fights and motions of the movie seem quite realistic.

Though the actor has many personal disputes in his personal life, apart from that he had taken up this challenge and gain a grand success. He had done very well in his earlier movie ‘Bang Bang’ with actress Katrina Kaif, but his movie Mohenjodaro seems quite different from his earlier one.

Music director A.R Rahman has added a complete saturation to the pictures, all the background music of the movie is quite pleasing and of good quality. Many of the co-stars have also contributed a lot to make this film a successful one.

Final Verdicts:

I hope that you will like the movie and the theater is likely to be full on August 12. The trailer is a good one and I hope that the Mohenjo Daro movie will be far better than the trailer. Mohenjodaro in its name itself defines the ancient civilization i.e., 2600 BC. Apart from that, you will enjoy the music as well and the thrilling romance of Hrithik and Pooja in the movie.

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sultan box office

Sultan is running successfully, and the movie is expected to break the record. With the arrival of Eid, people are in a festive mood and released of Sultan on this occasion added more excitement.

Anushka and Salman’s fans have been waiting for the release of “Sultan” with lots of enthusiasm to see them entertaining the fans again with their new avatar. So, people are booking their tickets in advance either online or offline, and you can see the ticket counters are overcrowded and finally result in a shortage of tickets and it is a sign of success for the entire sultan team.

sultan box office



Sultan box office collection review:

Ali Abbas Zafar has again proved himself in “sultan” to be a successful Director after Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Gunday. His sport -drama film has been liked by the audience even the critics that has brought success to the Bollywood industry.

Sultan had a successful opening not only in India but covered at the max markets overseas. Referring to the review of box office collection of sultan on the opening day it has made Rs. 36.54 crores in India and Rs. 20 crores+ overseas and on the second day that is on the day of Eid holiday it has made Rs.37.2 crores.

Within two days of its release, it made 73.7crores and by the third day, it was expected that the film would earn 100 crore. The crowd got reduced because of the movie being available online but still on the third day the box office collection was Rs, 25 crores.

sultan boxoffice


Sultan is the only released movie of the month and it is hoped that the movie would run successfully in all the theatre without any barrier. Taran Adarsh, a trade expert said on Friday that both the single screen and multiplexes are filled with people to see the sport- drama movie and it is expected that the movie would cross 150 crores.

Even the critics have suggested that the film is emotional and worth watching and therefore, release of the film “sultan” on the occasion of Eid, proved to be lucky for the film.

Sultan has collected Rs.105.35 crores in just three days breaking Salman’s previous film box office records of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo which made Rs.102.60 crores and 101.57 crores in three days. Crossing 100  crores in just three days is an amazing success and this leaves us with the assumption that Sultan might be making a history in the box office soon.

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Sultan is an upcoming film, which will be released on 6 of July 2016 on the occasion of Eid. The film is based on sports-drama which swivels around sultan’s professional and personal life. The film “sultan“casting Anushka Sharma as Aarfa and Salman khan as sultan Ali khan are the main leading role of the film, whereas Amit Sood and Randeep Hooda plays a supporting role.


The film is about Sultan Ali khan, who is a wrestler from a small village of Haryana. Being a wrestler from a small village in Haryana, he achieved global recognition by winning in commonwealth game in Delhi in the year 2010, FILA wrestling championship in Istanbul in the year 2011, and London Olympics in the year 2012.


  “Sultan” is directed and written by Ali Abbas Zafar, produced and screenplay by Aditya Chopra under Yash raj film banner. Music of the film is made by Vishal-Shekhar, cinematography by Artur Zurawski, edited by Rameshwar S.Bhagat; choreography by Farah khan replacing Vaibhavi Merchant, who left the film due to personal issues.

Sultan: Criticism by social media


Sultan has been criticised by India’s national commission for women and social media because Salman, while discussing his wrestling scene in the film “sultan”, quoted the statement that” he felt like a raped women”. He added in his statement that when he walks out of the ring after wrestling, he felt actually like a raped women walking out.

Local media reported that Salman requested the media not to quote his statement but his comment has been leaked widely. Lalitha kumaramangalam, chief of NCW, annoyed by Salman’s statement sent him a letter, asking him the reason what makes him quote such a statement because his comment is an insult to the country as crimes against a woman is on the rise. Lalitha added in her letter “if we don’t feel satisfied with his answer, then we will summon him before us”.


Salman has not responded for his guilt, while his father Salim khan on Tuesday tweets as “I apologize on behalf of his family, his fans & his friends. Forgiveness is to pardon the unpardonable or it is no virtue at all.”


Pointing to his comment, a war waged between his critics and his fans. Critics point out that he (Salman) was hard-hearted towards his fellow Indians whereas, his fans squabble that he was misquoted.

His critics assert that Salman being in such an age of 50 should be careful in his words and deeds. Raja Sen, Salman’s popular critics owing to his (Salman) unpleasant comment has made a decision not to review his upcoming film “sultan”.



Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli

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It’s about a week Indian coach Anil Kumble stop following ‘untenable differences” with Captain Virat Kohli but evidence continues to fall out of the...