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The right-handed batsman and right –arm off-break bowler Ravichandran Ashwin copped criticism from many fans of MS Dhoni in the country since he missed to mention the name of former Indian skipper on Twitter.  Although, thanking his family, trainer Shankar Basu, coach Anil Kumble, captain Virat Kohli, former Team India bowling coach Bharat Arun, fielding coach R Sridhar after bagging two top ICC awards last December.

But, on Friday the 30-years-old released upon his former Chennai Super Kings and India skipper Dhoni, who stepped down from captaincy on Wednesday. He recognized that it would be a “Herculean task” to emulate Dhoni’s feats.

Ashwin said that “MSD has had an illustrious career as a captain. There are a lot of leadership lessons even for big leaders out there. But it’s an individual’s decision. There is nothing I can comment about it. It’s his call and we have to respect it. It will definitely be a herculean task for someone to achieve what Dhoni has done.”

When he asked if anyone else will be able to take forward Indian cricket the way Dhoni did? Ashwin quickly said that “Kohli is no way lesser in captaincy and his record in Tests last year has been very good.”


He described and said that “Earlier, Sourav Ganguly began a fighting spirit phase in early 2000s. MSD also came from that phase to a certain extent. And after that, there were talks that no one could achieve that. These are emotional talks and it happens when such illustrious names leave. We are an emotional country.”

“I feel the questions of will there be anyone to take forward (lead) Indian team in itself is wrong. Definitely someone will emerge. Kohli is no way lesser in captaincy and his records in Test the last year have been very good. I’m sure MSD has seen those as well and decided to pass the baton on.”

When Dhoni stepped down the captaincy of Indian cricket team, Ashwin tweeted “The champion’s trophy (2013) last over discussion before and during the over will always remain etched in my memory. Great victories with #msdhoni.”

Remembering about the conversation between Dhoni and himself further on final over in the summit clash against England, the 30-years-old batsman and bowler said that “I think we needed to keep one more fielder inside during the last over. There was a discussion on which fielder had to come in, I told MSD, there is no point in thinking about it. First I need to ensure the ball lands properly (laughs).’ Whatever fields I set that day, it worked.”


“The communications and conversations throughout the game.. the kind of feeling we had after the match was unbelievable. That has to be one of the highest points of my life.”

The batsman and right-arm off break bowler said that leading all three set-ups will be a “challenging” task for Kohli, “I think it’s going to be a challenging task for anybody. As a playing group we have got a reasonably senior one; we will definitely have to pitch in and help him out.”

“He is someone who looks out for suggestions; he is someone who is looking to make game plans well ahead. It’s going to be an exciting phase. We will have hard and testing times but looking forward to it,”

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Indian Cricket team all-rounder player Yuvraj Singh stated that he is feeling of regaining his India place shortly. The 35-years-old gave the statement to Sports start that he is still “have few more years of cricket left and he promised to do all it takes to get back into the side win games for India,” he added.

“I am training hard and have the confidence of getting the runs. I feel I still have a lot to offer, and I will do my best to regain my place in the side. I will do all that I can to get the call from the selectors, and take it from there.”


Indian all-rounder player Singh said that for him on the field it has been a mixed year, however, he feels that winning the (IPL) Indian Premier League was a “big moment,” he said “It has been a mixed sort of year. I started 2016 on a good note by getting back into the Indian T20 side, but got injured at a very crucial juncture during the World T20 game against Australia at Mohali. I had to miss a few IPL games as well. But, then, we (Hyderabad Sunrisers) had a great season and won the tournament.”

Singh had scored run in domestic cricket close to 700 runs in five matches and also in Ranji Trophy matches he scored 177 against Madhya Pradesh at Rohtak and 260 against Baroda in Delhi. The skipper said that “before taking a break for my wedding, I had a very good run and got close to 700 runs in five matches. So that’s very satisfying. My job is to get on the ground and get runs.”yuvraj-singh

“I loved my knock at Lahli (against Madhya Pradesh) where I made runs on a challenging pitch. I was hit all over but the runs I made could not have been more precious. It told me that there was nothing wrong with my cricket.”

This year all-rounder Yuvraj Singh could not play the ICC World Twenty20 since he got married to Hazel Keech with the two-leg wedding. First, a wedding held on November 30 at Fatehgarh Sahib nearby Chandigarh and second in Goa on December 2.

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Indian cricket team opener Gautam Gambhir ultimately released about the alleged rift between left-hander skippers Mahendra Singh Dhoni. There were reports of Dhoni that are having a hand in choppering Gautam and his opening partner Virendra Sehwag from team India.

Although Gambhir currently made a reappear into the India Test team for the series New Zealand and England, Sehwag stayed out of right turn until he proclaimed his retirement.

On Tuesday, when Gambhir communicate with his fans, he spoke with his fans about the relationship with Dhoni, “There’s no rivalry between me and Dhoni. I feel whenever we’ve played for India, irrespective of the differences of opinion; our ultimate aim was to make the country proud and help India win.”gambhir

Gautam confessed that he had had differences of view with Dhoni, he said “There are bound be differences in opinion and that happens in any sphere of life, if you are in a group, be it in a family or anywhere else…I think he’s (Dhoni) a fantastic player, a fantastic human being.”

According to the sources, Gautam has taken a jibe at Mahendra Singh Dhoni before releasing a biopic of Dhoni’s; he said “I don’t believe in biopics on cricketers. I think those people who have contributed more to the country than the cricketers, deserve a biopic.”gambhir

Gautam tweeted that “There are lots of people in the country who have done so many noble deeds for the nation. Therefore, biopics should be made on their lives.”

Gambhir was an important part of skipper Dhoni’s game plan, and the pair has won in the year 2007 World T20 in South Africa.

Gautam frankly speaks with his fans that “We’ve had our best moments of our life together, whether it’s winning the World T20 in 2007 or the World Cup in 2011, being No. 1 Test side in the world. Our ambition and our goal have always been the same.”

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Apparently irritated with constant speculation about Alastair Cook’s outlook as England captain, head coach Trevor Bayliss has expressed the same as a ‘Pain in the backside.’ Cook has currently confessed that he doesn’t know how long he will remain in the job, telling that he might stay on the job for two months.

But, he played down that rumor of pacing down since captain post the incomplete Test series against India before starting the first Test itself. Since now, England has lost incomplete five-match series against the new Test No. 1 team, yet again both Cook and Bayliss were found themselves responding a barrage of questions on the topic.


But, the head coach has spoken his supporting for Cook saying, “Well, that’s what you try to do.”

According to the sources, Bayliss excerpted as saying by the Guardian, “But when it’s constantly in the media all the time, it’s a bit of a pain in the backside – especially when no one else [around the team] believes that or thinks that.

The 53-year-old, Bayliss confessed about the unlock discussion of Cook’s place is annoying for him at times; he said “It’s a little bit aggravating. It takes the focus away from all the good things we’ve done on this tour. I think we’ve played some good cricket here. We’ve got to give credit where credit’s due – we’ve played good cricket, and (India) have played even better cricket.”trevor-bayliss

Again he added, “I suppose anyone who’s done the job for that long, there’s always going to be questions towards the twilight of his career. But the job he’s done with the group. I think, has been fantastic. I think everyone, to a man, in the room would be disappointed if he wasn’t captain (for next year).”

India, who have played 17 matches without any loss in the highest format of the game, now going to play the dead rubber fifth Test match against England on 16th December at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

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The BCCI is going to be held in Mumbai, Wankhede Stadium from 8th of December and all the players are quite excited and preparing well for the match against England.

However, before the match begins a serious incident took place due to which Indian coach is quite confused and upset. The incident is that Ajinkya Rahane who is a well Batsmaan of Bangalore got a serious injury on his right index finger, due to which he will be undergoing surgery. So, this news has shocked the team as well and Manish Pandey at the mid time replaced Ajinkya Rahane and also appointed Shardul Thakur as a backup for Mohammad Shami for the upcoming test which is to be held on 8th of December.g

There is no doubt that Ajinkya Rahane is one of the most flexible players and has gain many victories in his starting career. In his 24 months journey in the Indian Cricket team, the player has made a total run at an average of 64 from 5 innings. This is his massive success achieved in his matches against England in three Test series. However, people’s expectation is much more from this player, as he is a man who strikes his first century in the Premier League.

Coming to Mohammad Shami, who is the best bowler of the team has damaged his knee on Mohali where the third test took place. As a matter of fact, he has been kept strictly under rest for 18-months and finally he is going to appear in this upcoming series.

However, everyone is trying to keep and close eye on what is going to happen in the upcoming match in Mumbai stadium. People are really eager to see what is going to happen in this upcoming match against England and will the team able to uphold the match in the absence of Ajinkya Rahane.

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Dera of Baba Ram Singh:  In Gurudwara, Dera of Baba Ram Singh is a prosperous place where Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech got married. The very ceremony took place on this Wednesday (30-11-2016). His mother Shabnam Singh has opted for this attractive place. This great wedding place is approximately 45Km far from capital city Chandigarh.


Before the marriage ceremony, Hazel Keech looks superb on the Indian wedding sari. She has worn a maroon color Lehenga with pink sleeves.



On their wedding party, relatives of both side especially their parents with Hazel’s relatives with a new look dress, her mother wear a glossy plan Kurta which matches with her face, and her father comes with green Turquoise Kurta with a white churidar dress women team.

On their wedding many celebrate people comes with some old cricketer pair couple like Virat Kholi – Anushka Sharma and Rohit Sharma – his wife and one of the attractive: cricketer- MS Dhoni – Sakshi a cricketer another pair. With all of them, the whole wedding celebrates party turns in a friendly enjoying party as far; it can be possible.


Yuvi and Hazel pair were gifted many beautiful things. From this gift, one of the most popular gifts is a couple of printed photo of both of them. Along with that main Hard-Written message gift are gifted to them.

On that occasion, there are many photos taken with a different person. All the photos are already viral on the Internet and also these pictures takes a significant number of likes and comments. But on their wedding dresses both of them looks professional.

Though their wedding is already done, their wedding celebration is not over yet. Their next wedding party will be in Delhi seven star hotel where Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi will be present with some the famous Indian famous superstar such as Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and the father of Abhishek Bachan. Also, there is a rumor that many power couple will be there at their celebration party.

Ashwin and Jadeja

Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja were two Indian players, who eventually killing the opponent softly. Their all round skill mean the rhyme of “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, if their bowling part is not that good then their batting must Excellencies.

Ashwin and Jadeja killing softly

As if Ashwin-Jadeja combo inflicting chaos with the ball was not threatening enough for the opponent, the pair takes out another vital dimension from their inner exist talent added to the opponents in form of their batting. And this combo rhyme has been displayed in the current India vs England series. They come together with 387 runs from the three matches at an average of 35, and five 5o+ stands. And they also combined a wicket of 25 out of 53 against England and run out in the fourth Test in Mohali. However, their batting performance is more batter than bowling performances.

Ashwin and Jadeja

Looking to the current series playing, during the first innings in Mohali, England scratched back into the game after falling India to 204/6 on day two. In that very moment, it seemed the visitors were favorites to win the match. This is the moment when Ashwin and Jadeja combined together and rounded the visitor’s attack with their incredible perseverance.  And finally, the pair breaks through the unhopeful way and India in the lead. With this stage, the crucial partnerships ended up but Jadeja still with the power and add another 80 runs with Jayant Yadav.

The Two players were now turning a slow poison for the England. They are extremely solid in defending; Ashwin has been performed under pressure constantly in the last couple of series, Jadeja is getting there now.

Jadeja and Ashwin

Jadeja, the batsman had always been frustrating because he never quite managed to achieve consistency. “I don’t look at myself as a batsman in the Test but I am a batsman,” Jadeja said later, in a press conference. “I have made runs in domestic cricket, in first class Cricket. If you look my test performance, I average 53 in first class cricket. It is not my first innings where I have made 90. Agreed, this was my longest Test innings but I know I can play better. It is just I was trying to give myself time, was not in a rush. So, if I settle down, I knew that after 60-70 balls, I could up my scoring rate.”

These are the words of a man with implausible self-confidence but one best thing he always been synonymous with is the word “hard work”. So, it is expected that the combo power packed Ashwin and Jadeja will be coming together to attack the English in the coming game.

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Cocktail ceremony

After beating England indoors four days in the Third Test in Mohali. The India Captain Virat Kohli and the team were headed to one of the magnificent all-rounder India player Yuvraj Sing-Hazel Keech cocktail Ceremony in Chandigarh on Tuesday. Yuvraj kept it sharp in a black velvet Bandhgala Jacket, while Hazel Keech stepped out in a white Lehenga.

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Cocktail ceremony


After team India beat England in the third Test in Mohali, all the stars players were hoping to attend the Occasion and they did not disappoint. Among the players the Captain Virat Kohli, Parthiv Patel, Ishant Sharma, and Murali Vijay were the first one to arrive in the Occasions and relax comfortably.

Kohli and other players in attendance

Beside those current players, there are also in attendance they were Mohammad Kaif, former India successful captain Kapil Dev, Ashish Nehra, PCA officials, Commentator Gautam Bhimani and some other players.

In this Cocktail Ceremony, Yuvraj Singh looked superior with his beard carrying-out looks with a beautiful black Bandhgala jacket. In the meanwhile, present Captain Virat Kohli made an exterior in a traditional dress and the rest were normally worn the daily party dress.

Also in attendance was Yuvraj Singh father Yograj. Here Yograj came up with an honest group of relatives, friends and made way to the venue after posing for the photographers eagerly his shot.




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