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Indian badminton player Sourabh Verma says that it was his great execution of plans which helped him settle his second national title. However, he needs to work hard to challenge the best in the world at All England Championship next month.

When asked by media PTI, Sourabh said “I am really happy to win my second National title. It has been a great week for me. I was able to focus and perform well and also recover well after the matches. I guess my execution was good and so I was rewarded.”

Madhya Pradesh, 24-years-old said that the matches were not easy, he said “It was not easy, I was aware that I can’t let my guard down against these youngsters, who are very talented and eager to win. So I prepared for each match and always was on my toes to execute my plans.”


He said about being left on the sidelines due to a series of injuries; he said “I have been playing well. Even last week at Lucknow I lost the match against Sai Praneeth from a good position. So I was just telling myself that I don’t make the same mistakes. I think I’m in good shape in terms of fitness and form right now.”

“But I think I have to really work on my overall game and get some high-level training to be in my best shape for the hectic upcoming schedule. International tournaments are a different level and I will have to work harder for the All England and Swiss Open, which I am playing next,” he added.

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Sourabh is doing well till 2014, however, after December he got injured his elbow and also knee. The 2011 National Champion, Sourabh is planning to set in top 30 by June. “I really need to be consistent and will be targeting atleast the quarter-finals so that I can reach World No. 30 before June. Beside, the other international events, India Open also is an event where I want to do well. It is there on my radar.”



“I really need to be consistent and will be targeting atleast the quarter-finals so that I can reach World No. 30 before June. Beside, the other international events, India Open also is an event where I want to do well. It is there on my radar.”

Sourabh said about his experience to defeat Lakshya Sen, “I had played him at the Syed Modi, so I had an idea about his style of game. I accordingly planned against him and took it as just another match.”

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“The way Lakshya Sen played the whole tournament, beating the likes of H S Prannoy and Harsheel Dani, I think it is great for Indian badminton. He is a good player with great defence and offence. His rally game and dribble and half smashed are some of his plus points.”

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On Thursday, National Federation Secretary General Onkar Singh said that although upgrading cycling still needs government support. Once India wins medals in cycling like in Asian Games, it can flourish in the country.

Singh said that cycling’s shape in the country has better in the past few years however still needs government support.

When asked in an interview by PTI, Singh said that “A cycle costs Rs 5 lakh, a wheel will cost you Rs 1 lakh and 20 thousand and even a tyre will cost you Rs 20,000. So, it is very difficult for a common man to take up cycling. There has to be some support from the government, state governments specifically.”

He added “They must have centres where there are enough equipment. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to sustain and produce world-class cyclists. Until and unless we go to the rural areas and hold championships there, cycling cannot be a mass sport.”


“The question is from where the funds will come.  This is a very expensive sport; it can’t progress without the help of government.”

In India, cycling has become a struggling sport and won three medals at Asian Games, after the 1964 Games in Tokyo, no one from Indian qualified for the Olympics.

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Onkar said “We have about 16 velodromes in different states of the country. They are all outdoor facilities with concrete tracks. IGI velodrome is the only indoor facility in the country with wooden tracks.”

“This is one of rare facilities not just in Asia but in the whole world. That is why we are coming up so fast in the international scene because we have this kind of facility. Asia has three or four and in the world around 10 or 12 wooden track.”


Singh said on the sidelines of the 37th Asian Track Cycling Championships, “But obviously, we need more indoor facilities, better tracks, preferably of wooden tracks, across the country. It is not easy to do that because of the cost and lack of sponsors.”

“Unfortunately, we are not getting much support and investment from the public sector in such an eco-friendly sport.”

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Onkar said about 2020 Olympic qualification is the target and could sign a new era in Indian cycling. “We want to reach the Olympic level, qualify for the Olympics, win medals at the Asian level and in the Asian Games.”

“Our first aim is to win medals at the Asian Games in 2018 and then qualify for the 2020 Olympics. I hope that will trigger a new beginning for cycling.”

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Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting said that he feels India skipper Virat Kohli is the best one-day batsman in the world. However, it is not yet period to named him as great of the five-day format.

When asked by media ‘Sydney Morning Herald,’ Ponting said “Is he the best batsman in the world? Yeah, he probably is. I thought he was six or seven months ago and he’s probably taken it to another level since then.”

Kohli had excellent formats in 2016 as Test captain led India to comprehensives victory against the West Indies, New Zealand, and England before taking over the captaincy of limited overs.

The 42-years-old former Australian captain said that captaincy in all formats would help Kohli. “Is it too premature to call him the best ever? You can probably say that right now as far as his one-day cricket is concerned.”


“His one-day record is outstanding and probably better than anybody that’s ever played the game given how many hundreds (27) he’s made but let’s give him a few years yet in the Test series side of things,” he said.

“It’s too early yet to be taking about him being one of the greats. I think the great players we always talk about – the Tendulkars, the Laras, the Kallises – those guys played 120, 130-200 Test matches. Virat’s not even halfway along that path,” added former Australian skipper.

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Ponting said about the upcoming tour of India; he said “The one thing about Virat Kohli is whenever there’s any confrontation, he does get a little bit outside of his comfort zone. You can see that he gets ultra-aggressive, which may be a good thing for him or maybe good for the opposition. We will wait and see what happens.”


“I think he’s a similar sort of character to me as well. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s pretty animated. He’s a very aggressive player. One thing I learnt about playing in India is the momentum that the home team can create, you have to try and stop that.”

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“Someone like Virat, you have to take his boundary-scoring areas away and make him score his runs in different areas or make him bat for a longer time to make his runs,” he added.

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Former cricketer and current coach of the Australian cricket team Darren Lehmann believes that his team will play flawlessly to defeats Indian on their upcoming tour of India for four-test series which will starts from 23rd February in Pune.

The 47-years-old Australian coach Lehmann said on Tuesday that their team must play near-perfect cricket to achieve an extreme distress.

“Everything’s going to have to go really, that’s a simple fact of life. You’ve got to be really methodical, well prepared. Which they will be. We have to hold every catch; we fielded unbelievably (in 2004),” he added “And we batted big, that’s the key … you got to put pressure on them.”


Lehmann has openly said that Australia needs to bat 150 overs, a task will be the most challenging. “We’re not fearing getting the 20 wickets, we’ve just got to put enough scoreboard pressure on them.”

“We’re going to have to pick up certain areas … playing a world-class side like India is going to be tough. You’ve got to bat well … that’s going to be the challenge,” he added.

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Australian coach said that their team has been studying video analysis of India’s players. “They’ve been doing that for a while. The lads are pretty good with that sort to stuff now, they’ve had that on file now for probably two or three months.”


“We just have to play pressure cricket for five days. Any away tour is really tough … for us, subcontinent tours are the frontier if you like. It (winning) would mean a hell of a lot to a young group,” he added.

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Coach Lehmann believes that Australia needed a batsman like a similar type of heroic series, he said “We hope we have a Martyn or Hayden type series from someone. If we do that, we’ll make enough runs.”

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England captain Alastair Cook has taken a decision to stepping down as captain of the England Test setup.

As per the England and Wales Cricket Board website, Cook first discussed his decision with the Board Chairman ‘Colin Graves,’ who is known for founding the Costcutter chain of convenience stores, and later expressed to Direct of England Cricket Andrew Strauss his continuing commitment playing Test cricket for the country.

The 32-years-old England captain Cook, who steps down as captaincy of England, said to ECB “It’s been a huge honour to be England captain and to lead the Test team over the past five years. Stepping down has been an incredibly hard decision but I know this is the correct decision for me and at the right time for the team.”

“I’ve had time to reflect after the India series and this weekend I spoke to Colin Graves, the Chairman, to explain and offer my resignation.”


Cook said that while quoted by ECB, it was a “sad day personally in many ways.”

“But I want to thank everyone I’ve captained, all the coaches and support staff and, of course, the England supporters and the Barmy Army who follow us home and away and have given us unwavering support,” he said.

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“Playing for England really is a privilege and I hope to carry on as a Test player, making a full contribution and helping the next England captain and the team however I can.”

On Saturday, Cook was awarded as the post of Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE). He is one of the most capped captains in the longest format of the game.


He also observes as one of the most prolific and greatest batsman ever to play for England. In 1984- 85, Cook has lead England to their first Test victory in India.

Cook’s captaincy came under the observation following England’s poor performance at Bangladesh and their unsuccessful five-match Test series against India.

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Cook managed to score a century in the first Test, but England went on to be in flight 4-0 on the set by an out of control Indian side.

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho took a blow at his previous club Chelsea as the Manchester United manager blame the Premier League leaders of lacking style.

Mourinho’s side cruised to win 3-0 at Leicester on Sunday, and he was fast to highlight the difference between the leading United display and what he perceives as the more joint efforts of Antonio Conte’s men.

Upset by criticism of the exact nature of his teams when he was in charge at Chelsea, Mourinho made it clear that he is unimpressed the way the Blues, recently nine points clear at the top, and also Tottenham and Liverpool, have been praised despite employing safety-first philosophies.

The 54-years-old United boss Mourinho said that “My team is playing very well but for many years in my career, especially in this country, when my team were ruthless and phenomenal defensively I listened week after week to people saying that was not enough, despite winning the title three times.”


“This season it looks that being strong defensively and good on the counter-attack is art. That is a big change in England. We are Manchester United; we want to play attacking football. This is the way the fans want us to play,” he said.

“But I don’t want to be a manager of a team that doesn’t win matches. We have to score goals. Today we did and that made the difference. Today was very important.”

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Mourinho‘s says about little harsh “The last time I was in this chair I was sacked a day later.”

Mkhitaryan scored United’s opener and placed in third for Juan Mata after Zlatan Ibrahimovic doubled the lead.


Mourinho recognized the first goal had been vital as it boosted his team’s, he said “We missed the first big chance but scored the next one. That is the story of the game. We didn’t play better than in many other matches. We were solid, but we scored goals.”

He added “It makes all the difference. In the second half you are in emotional and tactical control. You kill the emotion of the opponent and the whole game looks different.”

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Mourinho said about having left Mkhitaryan out at the start of the season. “If a player isn’t playing sometimes it can seem the manager is disturbing them, but that is not true. Sometimes, the best way to protect the player is not to play him. Henrikh is one of these cases; you see the magic things he does.”

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south africa

Cricket South Africa (CSA) announced today that new T20 Global Destination League would launch after President Chris Nenzani and CEO Haroon Lorgat’s presentation to the ICC Board was met with positive response.

The league is likely to be held in the month of October of this year and can expect that there will be interested possible Indian investors.

Cricket South Africa has invited like bidders through its tendering process with deadline process for ‘Expression of Interest’ being 3rd March.

south africa

Nenzani said in a media release “Our vision is to drive the creation of a new #T20 destination league in South Africa that would energise the sport of cricket in South Africa by creating a global platform for the best-in-class to perform and showcase their talent to a global audience.”

Nenzani added “We have received a very favourable response to our plans from the ICC and Member Boards and look to their support in our endeavour. We now look forward to another exciting chapter in the evolution of South Africa cricket and to the whole game benefitting from our new #T20 Global League.”

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CEO Lorgat said in the announcement that “Today is a landmark day for Cricket South Africa. Early feedback from the marketplace suggests that there is tremendous interesting our Global Destination League from around the globe.”

South Africa

“We have taken our time and worked hard to reach the point where we are now ready to play in the global #T20 arena. This new #T20 Global Destination League offers great opportunities for investment in South Africa and South African cricket, and we are excited by the number of local and international superstars that will feature in the league,” said Lorgat.

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He concluded saying that “We are also confident that the window we have chosen will make it possible for franchises to attract top class players to South Africa.”

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The Italian former player and professional manager Antonio Conte said that Chelsea should grab the chance to progress a step closer to win the Premier League when the leaders face Arsenal in Saturday’s crucial peak meeting.

Chelsea coach side is nine points evident at the top with 15 games remaining and victory over titles rivals Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. It will be a critical moment in the race to replace Leicester as English champions.

Defeating the third-placed Gunners will move Chelsea 12 points clear of Arsene Wenger’s side, as well as sending a message to the chasing pack that the Blues are determined to hold onto their lead.


The 47-years-old Chelsea coach Conte would dearly love to observe off Arsenal after the North Londoners’ 3-0 win at the Emirates Stadium in their previous meeting this season.

It was the first chastening moment of coach Conte’s first season at Chelsea; however, the Italian said that his side had grown a lot.

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Chelsea manager said on Friday that “It was a bad defeat, 3-0 after the first half. And in my mind its present, it’s always present, this defeat. I hope (it is) also in the mind of my players. I think it’s important to remember the first game against Arsenal.

“A lot of things changed now. For sure we are a team. We want to have a good game tomorrow (Saturday).”

On Tuesday, with Chelsea held to a 1-1 draw at Liverpool, Arsenal wasted the chance to close the gap since they crashed to a shock 2-1 defeat against Watford.


Wenger’s side hasn’t won at the Bridge since in the year 2011, and they should end that barren run to stay in the title hunt. They must play without Welsh midfielder players Aaron Ramsey, who was injured for three weeks with a calf injury.

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The 67-years-old Arsenal coach said that he is looking for his side to bounce back from the Watford reverse. “I believe what’s most important is that we turn up with a positive performance. We have shown in the first game that we can beat Chelsea so let’s turn up with the same quality and show a straight response.”

“What is at stake is how well we respond, in a united way and in a determined way, to get there and play our game.”


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