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roadies x5 episode 8 1st april

This is the time for Roadies Chandigarh audition and here we have all the judges Prince Narula, Rannvijay Singh, Neha Dhupia. The hunt for the roadies on its peak and here we have here in Chandigarh for the last audition venue of this season or MTV Roadies X5 Episode 8. The last episode will be obviously going to be very interesting without any doubt and all the judges will be looking to complete their teams here.

Roadies X5 or Roadies Rising 2017 is one of the trending and biggest reality shows which people love to watch. Especially the mind games and physical tasks remain the point of interest. Last week we have seen lots of emotional moments among the judges and contestants. Today in this new episode we can hope for the same.

roadies x5 episode 8 1st april

Harbhajan Singh might not be present here but still, we hope he will make his presence. Now 20 contestants are here battling for the ultimate crown of Roadies.  You can watch the official teaser video of today’s episode below and have an idea how interesting this episode going to be.

Roadies X5 is a youth-based reality show full of fun and drama where contestants travel from different destinations to have some new experience and tasks. The best thing about this reality show is it is not about some controversial scripted show but a perfect reality full of emotions and physical tasks.

The contestants get voted out every week and the number get reduced which is another spice of the show. Roadies x5 going to air at 7.00 pm only on MTV.

The season 1 winner Rannvijay and last year’s winner Prince Narula’s gang looks impressive this time and going to give tough competition.

The best surprise of the season is Harbhajan Singh who is Indian cricketer by profession but joined the roadies team as the gang leader.

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The BCCI is going to be held in Mumbai, Wankhede Stadium from 8th of December and all the players are quite excited and preparing well for the match against England.

However, before the match begins a serious incident took place due to which Indian coach is quite confused and upset. The incident is that Ajinkya Rahane who is a well Batsmaan of Bangalore got a serious injury on his right index finger, due to which he will be undergoing surgery. So, this news has shocked the team as well and Manish Pandey at the mid time replaced Ajinkya Rahane and also appointed Shardul Thakur as a backup for Mohammad Shami for the upcoming test which is to be held on 8th of December.g

There is no doubt that Ajinkya Rahane is one of the most flexible players and has gain many victories in his starting career. In his 24 months journey in the Indian Cricket team, the player has made a total run at an average of 64 from 5 innings. This is his massive success achieved in his matches against England in three Test series. However, people’s expectation is much more from this player, as he is a man who strikes his first century in the Premier League.

Coming to Mohammad Shami, who is the best bowler of the team has damaged his knee on Mohali where the third test took place. As a matter of fact, he has been kept strictly under rest for 18-months and finally he is going to appear in this upcoming series.

However, everyone is trying to keep and close eye on what is going to happen in the upcoming match in Mumbai stadium. People are really eager to see what is going to happen in this upcoming match against England and will the team able to uphold the match in the absence of Ajinkya Rahane.

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Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie
Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie

In Bollywood atmosphere everyone knows, that epic dialogue deliver “Mere Karan – Arjun Aayenge.” Well, it’s not a dialogue anymore, as two most controversial Bollywood friend Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan going to be starring in their Imtiaz Ali’s film. The report already confirmed as Salman Khan has twitted on their Twitter account.

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie

This is awesomely a good news for Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, which has already gone viral on the internet. Though, we can see the clash between among its fans over the internet; now, it seems quite interesting as both superstars will cast in the same ring. Imtiaz Ali’s this big movie name not yet mentioned, but their first look hinted to arrive onscreen on August 11, 2017. But the fact is unmatched, what Salman Khan has added on his twitter account.

Even though anonymous news regarding a sour relationship between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, we also see they’re both as known as a best friend of Bollywood ( also called as Karan-Arjun). As of the first poster released, Anushka Sharma will be in the main role as heroine.

However, the rumor news about Salman Khan and Sah Rukh Khan’s next film not true at all. We have seen Salman Khan’s twit and he ( Salman Khan) added,” Shahrukh Khan ki film aa rahi hai… date maine decide kardi hai… Title tum log decides kardo…. Best of Luck!!”””

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie
Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Movie

Actually, this twit was asking for the Title to its fans, as he has decided the date of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s next upcoming film on 11th August 2017. It’s an open announcement of their upcoming film, but there are no hints that Salman Khan will cast in this movie. Again, it’s a disappointment while the news has gone viral that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan both coming on the same screen.

All we have to do is “Wait and hope,” but there is no news about Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s working together for a film. However, the report says Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma starred film is one of the upcoming films of Shahrukh Khan, which will be directed by Imtiaz Ali.

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kareena kapoor baby

Kareena Kapoor and her husband Saif Ali Khan will be going to give us a new celebrated baby on this December 2016. Kareena Kapoor wants her husband with her on her delivery time. Kareena and Saif choose London to born their new celebrated body. Saif Ali Khan also pleased with Kareena’s decision.

Kareen kapoor pragnant

According to Kareena and Saif’s opinion, they want a baby girl, as their 1st child.

Kareena’s father, Randhir Kapoor told that Kareena is very much careful during her pregnancy period. He is taking the time to time food and other needed activity that a pregnant women need to do.

Previous days ago, she faced an interview. In that interview she said that:-

“Of course, I have over-indulged in eating but not on desserts. I have binged on biryani and other ‘Kapoor foods’ like pay as…..It is the one time you can allow yourself to let go, no?”

Kareen and Saif with their some of relative they moved to London for some day for Kareena’s pregnancy purpose.


With her pregnancy, she attempts few fashion shows and few Ads too. She told she is quite well with that feeling. Kareena also celebrates few party with her close friends and her very close sister Karisma also involve with her in the party. There are many photos available on the internet with Karisma and Kareena.


On the recent time, all the celebrated and all social media sites are looking on the December 20th, 2016. Because according doctor’s report Kareena will deliver her baby on that particular day. According to the latest news, Kareena is resting on London and also said she would do this up to 20th December.

With Kareena’s Pregnancy, many celebrate people comment few type of sentence.

Like: Bipasha says that: – “I am very happy with Kareena’s Pregnancy.” As she is, a famous actress in India all the Bollywood and foreign celebrate people wishes her for her pregnancy.

As on 2016, many new celebrate baby are born such Harbhajan Singh’s baby and much more. But the upcoming baby is very special for Bollywood film industry, because of his/her mother, father, and grandfather is all famous on Bollywood industry.

But though she is pregnant for few month, on that situation, she looks charming like before.

There are many rumors spreads on the internet about Kareena’s upcoming baby.

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Dera of Baba Ram Singh:  In Gurudwara, Dera of Baba Ram Singh is a prosperous place where Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech got married. The very ceremony took place on this Wednesday (30-11-2016). His mother Shabnam Singh has opted for this attractive place. This great wedding place is approximately 45Km far from capital city Chandigarh.


Before the marriage ceremony, Hazel Keech looks superb on the Indian wedding sari. She has worn a maroon color Lehenga with pink sleeves.



On their wedding party, relatives of both side especially their parents with Hazel’s relatives with a new look dress, her mother wear a glossy plan Kurta which matches with her face, and her father comes with green Turquoise Kurta with a white churidar dress women team.

On their wedding many celebrate people comes with some old cricketer pair couple like Virat Kholi – Anushka Sharma and Rohit Sharma – his wife and one of the attractive: cricketer- MS Dhoni – Sakshi a cricketer another pair. With all of them, the whole wedding celebrates party turns in a friendly enjoying party as far; it can be possible.


Yuvi and Hazel pair were gifted many beautiful things. From this gift, one of the most popular gifts is a couple of printed photo of both of them. Along with that main Hard-Written message gift are gifted to them.

On that occasion, there are many photos taken with a different person. All the photos are already viral on the Internet and also these pictures takes a significant number of likes and comments. But on their wedding dresses both of them looks professional.

Though their wedding is already done, their wedding celebration is not over yet. Their next wedding party will be in Delhi seven star hotel where Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi will be present with some the famous Indian famous superstar such as Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and the father of Abhishek Bachan. Also, there is a rumor that many power couple will be there at their celebration party.

North East United beat Delhi Dynamos

Indira Gandhi Stadium (GUWAHATI): NorthEast United FC warmed up for their coming do-or-die battle match with an encouraging 2-1 victory against Delhi Dynamos in their penultimate Hero Indian Super League fight at Indira Gandhi Stadium in Guwahati on Wednesday.

North East United beat Delhi Dynamos

The Host needed goals was made successful by the two players Seityasen Singh (60 minutes) and N’Dri Romaric (71 minutes). Although Marcelinho Pereira put a goal back for the Team (Delhi Dynamos) in the last added time, but could not stop the home team (NorthEast United) from winning the game.

For the NorthEast United FC, this win lets them to the points tally up to 18 with a match in hand but they still hope to be in the fifth position. Now, NorthoEast United have a match in hand against Kerela Blasters currently who have placed the fourth position with 19 points, and if they can defeat their rivals for the fourth semifinals spot on Sunday in Kochi. But if the match comes draw Kerela will qualify for the next semifinals.

Delhi Dynamos have currently placed the second position with 20 points from their 13 matches and they are already qualified even before this loss against NorthEast United.

Delhi Dynamos, with nothing to lose, started the match perfectly and should have been ahead of their opponents within the third minute of playing. Florent Malouda sent a fine through ball for the striker Richard Gadze but the Ghanaian Striker could not keep his attempt on target with the only goalkeeper I Rehenesh.

On the other side, NorthEast United also had their opportunities to rush ahead just 18 minutes  but unfortunately, Emiliano Alfaro was found wanting. Romaric Got the ball and pass to the opponent defense and Alfaro had the time to put on the ground. In the alternative, his attempt was parried away by Goalkeeper Toni Doblas.

NorthEast United again have a great opportunity but the fail to succeed same in the first half but from the second Half finally the Home Team got a goal out of nothing.

In the 71 minutes played NorthEast United FC made it 2-0 against Delhi Dynamos. And after a full-time, NorthEast was comfortably beating Delhi Dynamos by 2-1. For Delhi before ended the full time they could manage to put 1 goal that makes the game 2-1 win the host Team.


Ashwin and Jadeja

Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja were two Indian players, who eventually killing the opponent softly. Their all round skill mean the rhyme of “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, if their bowling part is not that good then their batting must Excellencies.

Ashwin and Jadeja killing softly

As if Ashwin-Jadeja combo inflicting chaos with the ball was not threatening enough for the opponent, the pair takes out another vital dimension from their inner exist talent added to the opponents in form of their batting. And this combo rhyme has been displayed in the current India vs England series. They come together with 387 runs from the three matches at an average of 35, and five 5o+ stands. And they also combined a wicket of 25 out of 53 against England and run out in the fourth Test in Mohali. However, their batting performance is more batter than bowling performances.

Ashwin and Jadeja

Looking to the current series playing, during the first innings in Mohali, England scratched back into the game after falling India to 204/6 on day two. In that very moment, it seemed the visitors were favorites to win the match. This is the moment when Ashwin and Jadeja combined together and rounded the visitor’s attack with their incredible perseverance.  And finally, the pair breaks through the unhopeful way and India in the lead. With this stage, the crucial partnerships ended up but Jadeja still with the power and add another 80 runs with Jayant Yadav.

The Two players were now turning a slow poison for the England. They are extremely solid in defending; Ashwin has been performed under pressure constantly in the last couple of series, Jadeja is getting there now.

Jadeja and Ashwin

Jadeja, the batsman had always been frustrating because he never quite managed to achieve consistency. “I don’t look at myself as a batsman in the Test but I am a batsman,” Jadeja said later, in a press conference. “I have made runs in domestic cricket, in first class Cricket. If you look my test performance, I average 53 in first class cricket. It is not my first innings where I have made 90. Agreed, this was my longest Test innings but I know I can play better. It is just I was trying to give myself time, was not in a rush. So, if I settle down, I knew that after 60-70 balls, I could up my scoring rate.”

These are the words of a man with implausible self-confidence but one best thing he always been synonymous with is the word “hard work”. So, it is expected that the combo power packed Ashwin and Jadeja will be coming together to attack the English in the coming game.

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Cocktail ceremony

After beating England indoors four days in the Third Test in Mohali. The India Captain Virat Kohli and the team were headed to one of the magnificent all-rounder India player Yuvraj Sing-Hazel Keech cocktail Ceremony in Chandigarh on Tuesday. Yuvraj kept it sharp in a black velvet Bandhgala Jacket, while Hazel Keech stepped out in a white Lehenga.

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Cocktail ceremony


After team India beat England in the third Test in Mohali, all the stars players were hoping to attend the Occasion and they did not disappoint. Among the players the Captain Virat Kohli, Parthiv Patel, Ishant Sharma, and Murali Vijay were the first one to arrive in the Occasions and relax comfortably.

Kohli and other players in attendance

Beside those current players, there are also in attendance they were Mohammad Kaif, former India successful captain Kapil Dev, Ashish Nehra, PCA officials, Commentator Gautam Bhimani and some other players.

In this Cocktail Ceremony, Yuvraj Singh looked superior with his beard carrying-out looks with a beautiful black Bandhgala jacket. In the meanwhile, present Captain Virat Kohli made an exterior in a traditional dress and the rest were normally worn the daily party dress.

Also in attendance was Yuvraj Singh father Yograj. Here Yograj came up with an honest group of relatives, friends and made way to the venue after posing for the photographers eagerly his shot.


Glenn Maxwell

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Targeting 200 plus total is not easy to recover in a T20 game, however, Kings XI Punjab captain Glenn Maxwell said that they had...