Australian Jim Maxwell Players Remain Frustration Made Stand-off Inevitable

Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketer Association have been failed to achieve an agreement over a new pay deal, which forced to the player into unemployment and the game into disarray.

According to the Jim Maxwell, Years of simmering tensions between Australia’s cricketers and the game’s administrators have made a stand-off inevitable.

On Thursday, 6 June, the ACA has confirmed that the Australia A tour of South Africa would be cancelled as players denied to play for their country as the dispute remains unresolved. Commentator Maxwell feels that the relationship between the two parties has been stressed for some time.

Maxwell said “It is no surprise, really. I think the relationship between the players and Cricket Australia has been on the edge do some time. This pay dispute is a manifestation of a few things in the game. It has really rankled the players about the lack of partnership that is what they are about.”

Jim Maxwell

He added, “They feel they are not consulted enough on scheduling, on aspects of the game regarding the Sheffield Shield, you can write a list and unfortunately.”

Maxwell further said that CA “can well afford’ to provide some money to the “prime asset”. “The board, I don’t know if they view them as players or employees. It sounds like they view them as employees because they are not giving any ground.”

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“As they say in negotiation, if you want a bit you got to give a bit and neither side is giving anything which is a bad look for the game and the reputations of the people on both sides.”

Jim Maxwell

Maxwell feels that the situation might be resolved in time for the summer of cricket. “I would like to think there isn’t [a cloud over the Ashes] and they will resolve it before then. The interesting part of this, as a lot of people have said, the public are not on board with this either way – most are focusing on football.”

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“But when the cricket starts, it will hit home. If they haven’t sorted it out by then, there are ramifications – contracts with Channel Nine, and sponsors want it sorted so they can get on involved in the business of the summer of cricket.”

“We are getting to the pointy end of this and it needs to be sorted by a bit of giving and take, some kind of compromise or mediation.”

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