He is ‘an animal, a lion,’ Says Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Swedish professional footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic feels himself a ‘lion’ after he had scored two goals which played against Southampton helped Manchester United raise in the League Cup on Sunday night.

Ibrahimovic has won a prestigious trophy in a 5th country after honours in Spain, Italy, Netherlands and France; now he is at the centre of an incredible debut season at Old Trafford.

He is one of the leading scorers of Manchester United with 26 goals from an appearance in all formats.

The 35-year-old Swede said “I feel fresh. I feel good. I feel like an animal. I’m an animal. I feel like a lion. The lion is born a lion. I feel in good shape. I train hard. People who know me from the locker room know that I train very hard.”


He added “I have an objective every season I go into and to reach that objective I need to train hard and I need to suffer when I train. That is how I achieve what I achieve.”

Ibrahimovic said that he was not made good yet; he will continue to play until could produce good “results.” “I’m from the old school where they work hard and get what they get from doing the hard work – not like the new school, where it is easy to get what you want.”

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“I will stop on top. I will not play one game by being Ibrahimovic and for what I did before. If I don’t perform, if I don’t bring results, I will not play. I will not be like other players, playing because they make a great career and name and they are still playing because they are who they are. I will play as long as I can bring results.”


However, Rumour is rife that Ibrahimovic will leave United and consider moving either United State or China.

The 35-year-old Swede said “Let’s see what happens. I mean the moment, how I feel, the situation. We have another two months of the season to go. My two kids wanted to see me play at United. But I had my mind somewhere else.”

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“My mind wasn’t here. Then my kids started to bump my head and Jose called, so I’m here. The kids are satisfied with what I’m doing. But this time I’m the boss, not them,” he added.

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