Alia Bhatt: Like Off-Beat But Would Like To Do On Beat Films As Well

Alia Bhatt, who has contributed a film like ‘Udta Punjab’ and ‘Highway,’ says that she is love works in Off-beat films, but she will not confine only this type of genre.

Now with her next film’ Dear Zindagi’ releasing on 25th November, here Alia playing a character of a slice-of-life, the 23 years old lady here to promote the next film with one of the best actor, superstar Shah Rukh Khan and experience director Gauri Shinde.

alia bhatt

“I like off-beat but would like to do on-beat films as well. My father once told me that people keep saying ‘I want to do something out of the box’ but then my father asked me, what is in the box? Have you been inside the box office that if I know what it is outside?” Alia told media here on Tuesday.

She also added saying “I am happy that I got the opportunity to do a film like ‘Dear Zindagi’ or ‘Udta Punjab.’ I also wish to be fit in any mold. And I want to play glamorous roles as well.

The film ‘Dear Zindagi’ Alia character will be seen fully dealing with a break-up scene. Alia says that there is no fixed way of dealing with a break-up in life.

Alia also said that “This is a very corny thing to say, but like how the injuries cure slowly of our body. It is just because we the people are very irritated and we look our injuries to cure quickly as we don’t want to suffer for long. Like I spend my holidays and have funned with friends. Like I never had a break-up life but maybe one or two,”

Now, Alia was asked that how she would identify her ideal man, she replied with a big smile, “There is no ideal man for me. It is the way people feel only but one thing though there is a perfect man for me it is a sense of rumors.

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