Albert Roca Says, We Have To Be Ready For All Competition

The former footballer of Spanish and current manager of Indian club Bengaluru FC, Albert Raco having endeared himself to the followers after leading Bengaluru FC to the historic AFC Cup final in November. Now, he is ready for the competition in news season.

The winners kick off their name defense against Shillong Lajong in their I-League opener on Saturday, whereas AFC Champions League succeeded round against AI-Wahdat at the end of the month.

According to the sources, Bengaluru FC coach Roca said o0n Tuesday that “It can be a long season with a lot of tough games. We have to be ready for all competitions. I will try to get to the second leg in the Champions League if possible. All our supporters expect the best out of us and we have to be ready for that.”


He said “I don’t like to talk about pressure; I want to talk about a challenge. It’s a challenge. I want to have a good dynamic. A positive one because then one day if we lose, we are still playing good and the team will be always at a level to win.”

When Raco asked by the media about his expectations, he said “Just to be better (than last season). My mission right now is to just push my players to think that it’s possible (to achieve all that we did last year) again. I’ve come here with the idea to get to that (top) level, not in three-four months, but to see that we are moving in that direction.”

“The idea is not just for us to be a good team but to produce players who can play for the Indian national team and help them do better,” he added.


Bengaluru manager said that the former Barcelona assistant manager thinks that the responsibility is only the player to adjust to his passing system. The coach said “We like to follow how we played in the past. It will be difficult because we lost Alvaro Rubio. It’s not going to be easy to keep control of that situation. The players that have come will have to try their best and keep that situation that we want.”

The Bengaluru FC exposed “It’s always a question of being able to adapt and it’s not easy. All the players that have come and all players who were here before, they know that I like to play football. It’s not possible to do that all the time and we need to adapt.”

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