Abhinav Mukund Posted An Emotional Tweet

On Wednesday night, Indian opener Abhinav Mukund, who is touring with the Indian team in Sri Lanka, became the latest sportsperson to speak out on the subject when he posted an emotional tweet about fair not being the “only lovely or handsome.”

Mukund said about being abused on social media for his outlook colour. Talking about his past, he wrote “I have been playing cricket since the age of 10 and I have gradually climbed up the ladder to where I am right now. It is an honour to get the chance to represent the country at the highest level.”

“I am writing today not to garner sympathy or attention but…with the hope to change the mindset of people on an issue I feel strongly about.”

Abhinav Mukund

Talking about the people who were obsessed his skin from a young age, Mukund said “I have been travelling a lot within and outside our country since I was 15. Ever since I was young, people’s obsession with my skin colour has always been a mystery to me. Anyone who follows cricket would understand the obvious.”

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“I have played and trained day in and day out in the sun and not once have I regretted the fact that I have tanned or lost a couple of shades. It is simply because I love what I do and I have been able to achieve certain things only because I have spent hours outdoor. I come from Chennai, probably one of the hottest places in our country and I have gladly spent most of my adult life in the cricket ground.”

Abhinav Mukund

People have been calling his name in the different subject. “I have laughed and shrugged it off because I had bigger goals! Affected young, I toughened up because this was never something that would pull me down. There were many times when I chose not to dignify these insults with responses.”

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He concluded, “With the rise of social media, it has gone to a magnitude that I see people hurling abuses left, right and centre at something I have absolutely no control over. Fair isn’t the only lovely or handsome guys.”

“Stay true, stay focussed, be comfortable in your own skin.”

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